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microfinancing partners in africa

The weight of living in extreme poverty is relentless. But there is hope. MicroFinancing Partners in Africa (MPA) strives to accelerate on-the-ground programs in Africa that empower those living in extreme poverty, step-by-step, to work toward a more stable life.

We work with organizations that have some key success factors in common:

  • the first requirement for lenders is that they save or invest in themselves;
  • a community support group is a must and is self selected by the lenders;
  • loan terms are just and clearly defined;
  • and training and other support is provided by the organization to build the skills of the lenders to build their ability to successfully operate their income generating activities, pay off increasingly larger loans, and move out of extreme poverty.

MicroFinancing Partners in Africa (MPA) raises funds through grants and events to support our partners in Africa. We provide funds to accelerate the work of our partners in Africa, where the proposition between lender and program is a business proposition, one that is made possible by the concept of microfinancing. When people in a community are able to earn a steady, even if it is modest, income, they step up and meet their civic obligations. This strengthens the community, solidifying the bonds between neighbors, and has the potential to allow for the economic foundation for community development projects such as schools, health centers, and water sources. When people can provide for their needs, both within their families and within their communities, peace can happen.

This is systemic change, one microloan at a time.

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