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Since 2001, American Microloan, LLC (AML) has served as one of the country's leading small business loan providers, making it possible for business owners to meet their small business finance goals through our affordable merchant cash advance program.

As one of the country's leading small business lenders, providing cash advances and quick loans to merchants in the form of short-term working capital, we are changing the face of the small business lender. We provide business owners with an affordable alternative to the traditional loans obtained through a commercial finance company.

The cash advance is our specialty at American Microloan, where we provide small business financing and unsecured term loans and small business loans via short-term working capital financing to Visa and MasterCard credit card merchant account holders at a reasonable rate.

Before AML, merchants who needed small business funding had no alternative to traditional bank loans except for outrageously expensive factoring-type short-term financing. These "factoring" companies were

thriving at the merchant's expense because they had no real competition when it came to providing a traditional business loan or commercial loan.

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AML's business model was engineered from the very beginning to provide financing to merchants at the lowest possible cost with no "fine print." We are the only financing company in the industry to disclose full financing information right on our web site.

Since our inception, we have been providing small business owners with an alternative to traditional bank financing, which is very difficult to obtain and out of reach for most merchants. We understand that as a small business owner, traditional bank financing may simply not be an option.

As small business lenders, it is our goal to provide a small business loan for you at low rates and with easily obtainable small business finance based on our merchant cash advance program.

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