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Purchased from Russia in 1867 and home to a well known Vice Presidential candidate, Alaska is the largest state in the U.S. area wise. Conversely, it is the least densely populated state (more land than people) with almost 700,000 residents, half of which live in the Anchorage metropolitan area . The state's demographics sorts itself out between 69% Caucasian, 15% American Indian and Native Alaskan, 4% Asian, 3.5% African American, and 0.5% Pacific Islander. The largest cities in Alaska are Anchorage, College, Fairbanks. Juneau. and Wasilla.

The dominate industry in the state is oil and gas which accounts for over 80% of Alaska's gross state product of $44.9 billion dollars. Most of the jobs in the state are provided by the government and companies that

specialize in natural resource extraction, shipping, and transportation.

The cost of living in Alaska is one of the highest in the nation with some surveys putting it in the top ten. Unemployment is also high sitting at 7.7% as of June 2010. With temperatures falling below freezing at times, those struggling to pay their bills cannot afford to be without shelter or heat. Payday Loan and Cash Advances can provide you with the money you need to pay the landlord as well as any other expenses so you can stay safe until your employment prospects improve.

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