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24.07.2013 | Microfinance Investments: 2013 Symbiotics MIV Survey Release

Symbiotics 2013 MIV Survey published, confirms microfinance investment sector growth and diversification

Each year since 2007, Symbiotics runs the industry survey of all microfinance funds, using the CGAP MIV Disclosure Guidelines. This year the study identified 111 microfinance funds, 84 of which reported their financial and social performance. The report analyzes both aggregate information, and peer group information divided between fixed income, mixed and equity funds.

The microfinance funds industry is estimated to have reached USD 8.7 billion, growing by 19% in 2012. Investments continue to primarily flow to Latin America as well as Eastern Europe and Central Asia, although Africa and Asia are growing more rapidly, in particular through equity investments which have doubled in size over the year. The share of investments in local currency is also growing proportionately with 35% of total

portfolios (against 29% in 2011). In terms of outreach, these funds continue targeting mid-size institutions with average micro-credit sizes of USD 2,069, going primarily to women (68%) and mainly in rural areas (50%). In addition, 97% of all funds have endorsed the "Smart Campaign" defending micro-credit client protection principles.

Click here to access the 2013 study available on our online investment platform.

About Symbiotics SA:

Symbiotics is an investment boutique specialized in emerging, sustainable and inclusive finance which offers research, advisory and asset management services. The company is based in Geneva, Mexico City, Singapore and Cape Town, with a staff of over fifty professionals. Since 2004, it has invested over USD 1.5 billion in more than 200 microfinance institutions in 50 emerging countries, working with more than 25 investment funds and many institutional investors.

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Claire Dorey, Communication Officer

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