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Careful! Borrow from the wrong cash advance site and you could end up in enormous debt from fees. The truth is some cash advance companies charge outrageous prices for their payday loans, as much as $50 per $100 that you borrow. That means your grand total for a $500 cash advance could cost up to $750.

Before you get scared off about the idea of using payday loans to get you out of debt, realize that there are companies with very reasonable rates. For instance, most reputable sites that lend payday loans only charge a $20 fee per $100 that you borrow.

Calculate this rate for a $500 cash advance and you’ll see that’s a $150 savings from the previous figure.

Now for the easy part, just by logging on to Mr Cash Payday Loans you can find that we have the lowest fees!

Plus our expert cash advance consultants are always here to help. We are available through email, phone or live instant online chat. We make it convenient to get a cash advance.

So if you're looking for payday loans and you want to get the lowest fees and the most dependable service, put

Mr. Cash Payday Loans to work for you! In most cases you can get your cash the same day you apply. Talk about a quick loan. After you complete our online cash advance application, you

will never have to fill out a lengthy application again.

Simply login to your account and request your next

payday loan. You can even see your account history

and request loan extensions and loan pay offs 24-7.

Customer Service Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm

(excluding public holidays)

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