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I applied for a payday advance loan and received a call from "Marvin" stating I was approved for a loan for $3000, all I had to do was load $190 Green Dot MoneyPak for verification of funds. Foolishly I did it. I called back after and spoke to "Jennifer" who told me she transferred the money and that I now had to call the bank manager for the funds to be released. When I called "Calvin" told me I would have to now pay a $350 wire transfer fee also loaded on a Green Dot MoneyPak. He assured me I would not have to pay anything else after this and that the $540 would also be reimbursed to me along with the $3000 and would be deposited into my account within five minutes.

Ten minutes and zero money deposited later, I called "Calvin" back and he told me that I now had to purchase insurance on the loan in the form of a $460 Green Dot MoneyPak. Once again I got his guarantee that this would be the last of the money I would have to pay. Foolishly I went along with it. When I called

them back the senior bank manager "Jack **" said the loan was transferred but the state of New Jersey put a hold on it until I paid $1100 in taxes on it. $600 would be paid by the loan company and I would have to come up with the other $500. I was sworn to that this was the final phase of the loan process and that as soon as I had the $500 put onto yet another Green Dot MoneyPak I would receive my loan of $4033 within five minutes. Against my better judgment I complied.

As soon as they took the $500 from the MoneyPak they got back on the phone telling me the state of NJ did not accept the $600 from the loan company because they were not based in New Jersey and that I would now have to come up with it. I flipped out. I told them I wanted to cancel the entire transaction and get my money back but they said I would have to pay a $550 cancellation fee. This is when I decided this had to be a scam and filed a police report. I wish I could give them negative stars.

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