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That white mk1 on those Maserati rims

BigGr5 15 Jul 2008

I've kinda lost interest in the Passat

I also could do with freeing up some cash and clearing a few debts, So I've gone and bought something much less practical - Not ideal with my first child on the way in 3 weeks !

This'll save me a shed load in insurance and tax, and also a few bob in fuel costs being a 1.1 - I'm even looking at a cheap LPG kit

I've been hankering for another Mk1 Golf since the Mrs made me sell the old one for being a touch unreliable :roll:

I've been on the look out for a while and picked this up a couple of weekends ago.

Its only a little 1.1 but its in great condition - took me a while to get back from London, 70mph = 4.5k revs in fourth. Thank god its got a decent stereo to drown out the racket !!

Going to change a few bits like the wheels, rear lights, grill and have a couple of ideas in my head - but this is basically going to be budget dubing ! 5 speed box with a decent top gear for motorways

I've got a long way to get to any decent shows - this'll make it a bit more affordable !

I'm gonna keep updating as I do the mods, I've got a big smile on my face everytime I think about it at the moment - love Mk1's

BigGr5 15 Jul 2008

Right - the mods have started, well kind of. Its more that I'm undoing some of the mods that had already been done when I bought the car.


should really be servicing the Passat ready to sell it but I'd rather play with the mk1 - passat can wait til the weekend :wink:

1st was to remove the GTi arches - there mint but not in line with the final look I've got in mind for the car. I needed to check what the arches were like - had visions of removing them and finding rusty holes etc.

As you can see I had a nice suprise 8)

Only taken 1 side off so far but there in great condition, just need to get the T-cut onto some marks where grit has sat between the plastic arch and paint.

Also removed the GTi side stripes - again not in keeping with the final design. I had flashbacks of my last Mk1 - removed the lower stripe to find someone had sprayed the door and masked off the stripe !!!!

Again no horror story - came straight off :wink:

The finish on the paint was reasonable but felt rough to touch. Time for my first Claying session - done the roof, then Autoglym SRP, then Megs gold class wax then a layer of DoDo juice blue velvet. Really happy with how its come out. Just need to do the rest of the car.

Thats all for now folks - just need to remove the other two arches and then I can decide on the wheels.

Seen some I like so far - 15x7 up front and 15x8 out back with some nice stretch and a decent bit of dish, yum yum !!!

Anni96 15 Jul 2008

BigGr5 15 Jul 2008

BigGr5 15 Jul 2008 my payday mate

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