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National payday complaints

national payday complaints

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I received a call from a man saying if I didn't contact their office by 1:00 that day, they would proceed with legal process for a payday loan I defrauded on due to my financial hardship. He said he would contact my place of employment letting them know that I would be absent from work 2 days a week for some type of class for writing fraudulent checks. Then I was contacted a second time by a different man basically saying the same thing but in a more aggressive tone, calling me a criminal for writing a check on a closed account which is not true. The account was active when I wrote the check but it was a payday loan so they knew the funds were not in the account.

Daniella of Coral springs, fl on June 23, 2011

I had my supervisor call me into her office and said that I had a phone call. So this guy, David **, is on the line asking if it is okay to speak on speaker. I said sure and my manager is still in the room with me as a witness since he was talking to her about an attorney. Anyway, so this guy is threatening to sue me and arrest me for fraud about a payday loan I took out last year.

First of all, I never took out a payday loan on 05/27/10. I did take out a payday loan many years ago and my fault is I didn't pay it back, but I know for a fact that I never took out a payday loan in May 2010. Second, the account they said the money was deposited into has been closed for over 3

years now, maybe even more. He told me I needed to call him back by 1pm today or he will proceed with legal action and that I should get an attorney. So I called Preferred Legal Services which I love so much because they have helped me out a few times and I have gotten results. I told them about my call and they told me not to worry about. I cannot be arrested for not paying.

I called back and informed David I have an attorney. And when I proceeded to ask for a written documentation, he told me to have my lawyer call him and hung up on me. I am so glad I looked up this company and found complaints about them before they got any of my money. If I owed them that money, why did they not send me a letter just like very other collection agency?

I have had collection agency call me but never this bad, to go so far as threatening me with arrest. This company really needs to be investigated and shut down! They are taking advantage of people. I know I have made a few mistake when it comes to paying bills, but they have no right to be doing this to people. Luckily, all our calls are being recorded so my supervisor saved the call for me just in case. I wonder if they can get sued on behalf of all of us that have been taken advantage of by this company. I wonder how much they get paid to do this. I would rather work at a fast food place than work for them, no matter how much I would get paid. I hope they get caught and shut down.

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