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always payday locations

Always Payday doesn’t only cash checks.  We also provide short term financial assistance for those in need.  Transmission go out on your car?  We can help with that.  Did your plumbing spring a leak unexpectedly?  We can help with that.  Go over on your cell phone minutes?  We can help with that.  Uncertainty is about the only certainty in this life, and if and emergency comes up and you are unprepared, we want to help.

Our simple process:

  1. Assumes a 30 day term. Loans marketed through national check are arranged by preferred Loans, LLC, a licensed Credit Services Organization, with OHSCO d/b/a Buckeye Loan Company. an unaffiliated third party lender, and subject to their approval. Examples provided are typical loans offered to qualified applicants. Fees include OHSCO d/b/a Buckeye Loan Company  charges and Preferred Loans, LLC credit access fee. Other loan amounts and terms may be available and vary from National Check Cashers   Locations.
  1. Fill out a quick application in-store or get started online
  2. Go to the location
  3. Write personal check for loan amount plus fee
  4. Get your loan in minutes
  5. We hold the check until your due date
  6. Return to repay loan in cash on due date and reclaim your personal check

What to Bring:

  • Government Issued ID
  • Most Recent Proof of Income
  • Checkbook
  • Latest Checking Account Statement
  • Verification of Social Security Number

Services vary by location.

Loan Payment Information: All loans have an agreed upon due date as covered in the customers loan agreement. If payment is not received by the due date, late fees or other fees may apply

as detailed in each customer loan agreement. All collections efforts on past due accounts are conducted in a professional, fair and lawful manner in accordance with applicable state and federal laws. The ability to renew a loan varies by state depending upon state regulations and company policy. Loans are not renewed automatically; however, if loan renewal is available, fees may be assessed and details for renewing a loan are provided in the customers loan agreement. For customers having difficulty repaying their loan, repayment plans may be available and vary by state. For further information, please contact your nearest location.

Visit a Store


Since Always Payday first opened its doors over 20 years ago in the Central Ohio area. Since then we have opened dozens of locations around the Columbus area. Cash emergencies happen, and we understand that when those situations arise, you need help immediately. That’s why we want to make sure you have every chance to get help when YOU need it, and our stores and online services allows that to happen.

  • Click on the button to the right.
  • Find the location that is closest to you.
  • Bring in a copy of your ID, and a personal check.

* Warning. The loan is not intended to meet long-term financial needs. The loan should only be used to meet immediate short term cash needs. Repeated or frequent use can cause serious financial hardships. Borrowers should evaluate the costs and benefits of all alternatives before entering into a loan agreement. Other forms of short term credit that may be less expensive including a loan from other institutions or from family and friends, or a salary advance.

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