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New payday lottery

new payday lottery

Buy New Jersey Lottery Tickets Online

Did you know that you can buy New Jersey lottery tickets online, even if you are not located in that state? Yep, you can pick New Jersey lottery numbers and purchase them online, instantly giving you a chance of winning a multimillion dollar jackpot even if you have never been to the Garden State. But it hasn't always been that way. Actually, the NJ lottery didn't get started until 1969, when an amazing 81.5% majority voted in favor of a statewide lottery system. That was one of the largest margins of voting victory in New Jersey political history, by the way.

Then, on December 16, 1970, Gov. William T Cahill purchased the first New Jersey lottery ticket, and New Jersey residents in over 2,000 ticket locations were able to purchase a chance at a life-changing payday. But now, thanks to the Internet and a 2011 change of heart by the US Department of Justice, you can buy lottery tickets online, pick New Jersey lottery numbers, and pay for your purchase all from the privacy and security of your own home, no matter where you live. Ready to learn more?

How To Play NJ Online Lottery

After that short intro, you are probably more than a little curious about playing New Jersey lottery online. First a little history. The first millionaire drawing was held in March of 1971, and the lucky winners were Edward and Kathleen Henry, who received a $50,000 a year annuity. That was the same year that the popular All in the Family TV show aired their first episode, and it has taken a full 41 years for you to be able to purchase NJ lottery tickets online, but that day is finally here. Let's take a look at just how to play New Jersey utterly online, so we can get you started on the winning track.


the NJ lottery online works just as it does in the brick-and-mortar world. Except that you first have to open an account with a licensed online lottery retailer. Then you simply choose the game you want to play, pick your favorite numbers, choose your number of dates to play, and pay for your tickets. Playing New Jersey lottery online is really that easy, and you don't have any paper tickets to keep track of, you don't need to leave your house and wait in long lines at a crowded lottery retailer, and it only takes a couple of minutes, with easy access available via your favorite computer 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Where Can I Buy New Jersey Pick Six Lottery Tickets Online?

Players can buy new jersey lottery tickets from the sites offered below. Our recommended site is TheLotter.

Buy New Jersey Lottery Tickets From The Following Websites

Buy New Jersey Online Lottery Tickets At TheLotter! - Buy 1 Get 1 Free is our premiere online lottery agent for playing New Jersey Lottery online. Also known as Pick Six, this exciting lottery game is now accessible instantly online no matter where you are! The current buy one get one free promotion at The Lotter allows you to double your playing power for free! This generous offer also applies to their multi-draw packages, which means you could really save a nice amount of money with this promo. For those new to the online lottery industry, an online lottery agent actually goes and purchases your lottery ticket for you so that you are in the game, no matter where you live. You are sent a copy of your ticket so that you can check the results yourself and verify your win! features official online lotteries from all around the world, including the exciting Pick Six lottery in NJ!

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