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There’s no denying that Oklahoma is one of the most intriguingly shaped states on the map. Whichever angle you look at it, you can’t help but see a cooking pot. And with mountain ranges, prairies and forests stretching for miles and miles, in addition to the German, Irish, English, Scottish and Native American ancestry, the image of a cooking pot, where you mix different ingredients together, is actually very fitting. Over 25 Native American languages are spoken in the “Sooner State,” more than any other state! All it takes, however, is one bad ingredient to put a damper on the overall package. In our state, that ingredient is an emergency expense.

From overdue to credit card to auto repair bills, emergency expenses are unavoidable. With the help of CashNetUSA and an Oklahoma payday loan, however, they can be manageable. Understanding that people only get paid once or twice a month, CashNetUSA has committed itself to helping people bridge the gap between paydays. Since 2004, they’ve helped over 1 million customers get the money they need, when they need it most!

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I Just Got Laid Off. Will I Still Prequalify for a Payday Loan in Oklahoma?

If you’re looking to get one from CashNetUSA, then no. In order to become eligible for a payday loan, you must have an active checking account, have been employed for at least one month, be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident and be at least 18 years old. So do what’s best for you at this time — start looking for a job while considering these statistics:

  1. In Oklahoma, over 16% of the population was below the poverty level in 2009.
  2. In 2009, the median household income in Oklahoma was $41,716.
  3. From 2005 – 2009, it took a person in Oklahoma an average of 20.5 minutes to get to work.

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