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Olg payday

olg payday

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Lotto Max players are getting excited about tomorrow night’s record jackpot. The OLG is raising the ceiling, meaning Friday’s draw will give gamblers a chance at a top prize of $55-million.  And that’s just the beginning of the winning.

Starting this Friday the Lotto Max jackpot will be at the highest that it’s ever been.

There are also 30, $1 million prizes available in tomorrows draw, and Saturdays 649 is up to $35 million.

Up until this week, the cap on Lotto Max had been $50 million, but Galit Solomon from the OLG says they are raising the ceiling. No one has claimed the top prize for 3 weeks which is why it has gone up to $55 million.

And if no one wins tomorrow, it will go up to $60 million. Solomon says the reason is customer service.

“Folks who play Lotto Max have been saying it would be nice to see the jackpot go up.”

This is the studio where any press conference will happen for anybody who does hit the million or any of the other big lotto draws that happen this weekend. If you want to know the exact odds of winning one of those, it’s 1 in 20, 633 528.”

The actual numbers for the draw typically surge on Friday afternoons, and even though the odds are long,

“If you don’t have a ticket, you can’t win.”

Which is why OLG’s lottery revenue climbed over $100 million from 2013 to 2014.

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