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Cashnet USA contacted me, due to a survey (mistake. ). I am on disability and missed a couple payments. It wasn't long RJA Capital got the account. I paid $1100 to them. Then I got a call during my payments to RJA Capital threatening to discontinue my benefits, jail time, a huge fine and I had only a day to gather 600 dollars up to pay off this Cashnet USA loan ($500 now remember). I have several medical issues and it threw me into a panic. These people were hateful so my mom helped me. We had to go to Walmart an hour drive, get 2 Green Dot money cards, put $100 on one $500 on another. Then I was transferred to another agent which I'm not racist but I'm sick of getting a hold of people you can't understand there from the sands of eternal war. Then the phone numbers no longer worked.

So I was scammed yesterday. I really learned my lesson. I believed what I was told and went for it. They prey off of people who are really trying to build their credit and change some things in their lives to make it better. So I received an email from cashnetusa. And called them and everything they said was great. I would get 2000 for 190 a month and that is it. Told me that in order for me to do this I would need to go and prove that I am an able bodied person and can make the payments. So I called back when I was told to. And Mr. ** whom had been working with me said that he had someone to verify my funds and to go to Dollar General and once there to call him. SO I did so and ended up getting a Moneygram for 200 dollars. And gave him the number. And he said in 15 mins that my loan would be there and once it is there I would have papers at my doorstep in 3 days to sign the contract agreement.

SO I waited and called back and was transferred to a Mr **. He said he was in accounts. So he then tells me that I have a tax

on my name and they will pay half and I will need to pay the other half. And within 15 min the money will all be put into my account. The 200 that I already gave them and the 200 I needed to give them. SO I once again. Got a Moneygram for the money and gave them the numbers. I waited on the line and he comes back and tells me that the Federal Trade Commission says that they can't do it this way, that it all has to be registered in my name to pay the tax. And in order to complete this I would need to get another Moneygram for 200 more dollars.

It was then at that moment I realized what had happened. I told the gentlemen on the phone that I will not pay another cent and that I will be going to the local police department to turn this in. I have all the information and the names of every one that I talked to including the email that was sent. He then stated that he would be glad to cancel the application but it will take 27 business days for the money to get back to me. I told him that I want my money back and I will be reporting them and he stated that they have the application and they will turn my name over to the IRS because I have taxes on my name that are unpaid and the IRS will investigate this and so on and so forth. I then told him that he can do whatever he likes and that I will be going to the authorities and getting this taken care of.

Someone really needs to do something about this company. I have seen and read so many people with the same problem from them. There has to be something that can be done. Being that it is a weekend I have to wait till Monday to change any banking information and I hope that in that time that nothing else happens. I honestly hope that something is done and that these people are punished for the wrong they have done. They are taking people's money. And hurting a lot of people by doing so.

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