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Do you need cash upfront right now? One Click Loan  has already helped over 14 million customers find the loan they need in the time it takes to get fast food! With loan distributions as high as $25,000 you can find the amount you need and receive it as early as today! No endless applications, no spam, and no gimmicks; just award-winning service and lightning fast results! Whether you need the money for an emergency car repair, to cover late payments, or simply to have extra cash, One Click Loan will help you find the perfect loan for your situation. Through our simple one-click application format you can be in and out of our site in a breeze! We’ve made lending easy for everyone. Just click the banner below and you’ll be on your way to a customized loan!

With a 94% satisfaction rating we’re approaching the summit of customer service. We provide around the clock service in case you have any questions or concerns. This is what makes us the industry leader for over three years! One Click Loan  is more than just a lending partnership. It’s a facilitation of streamlined efficiency. We take the work out

of lending and put convenience back where it belongs: with you! Many of our users are people just like you. People who just want to borrow money without wading through the muck and mire of lending services. We eliminate hassle and provide results! Click above and see how much you qualify to receive!

One Click Loan: Serving 14 Million And Counting

Numbers don’t lie.  One Click Loan is currently one of most trusted and secure lending matchers with over 14 million served; and that number is only growing. With our intuitive interface we search across hundreds of lenders in the course of minutes to find you the best match for your needs. Privacy is our number one priority, and that’s why we promise not to spam you or sell your e-mail unlike most third party lend-matching services. Another reason we’re number one? Once your file is on hand, you won’t have to resubmit your information for future loans. Our patent -pending technology allows you to reach our entire network of financial providers with just one click. Simplicity meets convenience for an unmatched customer experience.

The Benefits Of One Click Loan

The One Click Loan Difference

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