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Online advance payday loan

online advance payday loan

Holiday Funding Info

All requests to make changes for loans due on Oct 13 2015 must be received by 3:00 PM CST on Oct 08 2015.


Your application can be processed within 30 minutes, once it has been received.** When approved, you will generally receive your loan on the next business day.* We believe in guiding our customers at every step and once you receive the loan, we will help you to schedule you repayment dates so that you won't have to worry about bounced checks or missed deadlines.

How do I know that my loan has been approved?

You will receive an email notification once your loan has been approved. CashNetUSA reserves the right to make adjustments to your loan approval based on new information regarding your loan application until the time you receive the funds in your bank account.

What if I have bad credit?

Bad credit may not prevent you from

receiving a loan at Our friendly agents will work with you, even if you have already been turned down by other lenders.

When will my loan be due?

Your loan will normally be due on your next payday, if it falls between 8 and 25 days away from the day you apply for your loan. Each state has different rules and regulations. Go to Rates and Terms to see rules specific to your state.

What if I want to make payments without agreeing to the ACH authorization portion of the loan contract?

If you would like to make payments without agreeing to the ACH authorization portion of the contract, you can follow the procedures below:

  • Provide us with a post-dated check for the amount of your loan, and a copy of the contract via mail, FedEx, or another delivery service.
  • We will be able to issue your loan once we receive the documentation.
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