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As the birthplace of eight U.S. presidents, our state is commonly referred to as the “Mother of Presidents.” But just because we live in a historically influential state doesn’t mean we’re excluded from financial trouble, particularly emergency expenses. Trust us — Thomas Jefferson won’t be helping you pay your overdue bills anytime soon! But while there are no payday loans in Virginia to help us overcome these unexpected expenses, CashNetUSA has something else to offer.

In Virginia, CashNetUSA offers its most flexible product — a line of credit. A line of credit gives approved customers more control over when and how much they borrow.

The process begins with our simple 5-minute online application, which you can fill out from the comfort of home. We’ll then provide you with an instant approval decision.** If approved, you’ll be given a credit limit. You can then borrow as much or as little as you want up to that credit limit, with a minimum withdrawal amount of $50.

When you withdraw funds, they’ll be sent to your account as soon as the next business day,* allowing you to cover your emergency expense as soon as possible. Best of all, requesting funds doesn’t require another application — you only need to apply once!

In addition to offering a flexible line of credit and next-business-day funding,* CashNetUSA also offers plenty of other benefits. For instance, our customer support is open 24/7, so you can get answers to your questions at any time of day or night, whether you’re calling from Richmond, Norfolk or anywhere else in Virginia. We also do not require perfect credit to apply.†

When you’re faced with an emergency expense, you may not know which way to turn. You might have found several lenders you’re considering, but not know which one to go with. By applying at CashNetUSA, you can be assured that you’re applying for a flexible loan product from a company that has your interests at heart.

Whether you’ve been hit with sudden medical bills or you need to repair your car after a breakdown, you’re probably in search of financial relief. And no matter what part of Virginia you live in — from Arlington or Chesapeake

to Virginia Beach or Newport News — you can apply at any time of day or night from the comfort of home.

Here are some quick things you should know about CashNetUSA’s line of credit online:

  1. Credit limit: After you apply and are approved, you will be given a personal credit limit.
  2. Available credit: This is the amount you have available to request from your line of credit (credit limit minus principal outstanding).
  3. Account balance: This is the total outstanding amount of advanced credit, including interest and fees accrued during your current billing cycle.
  4. Principal: This is the amount you have borrowed from your line of credit, not including fees or interest.

What if I’m Unemployed? Can I Still Receive a Virginia Line of Credit?

In order to become eligible for a line of credit Virginia online, you must have an active checking account, be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, be at least 18 years old and, you guessed it, have been employed for at least one month. While there are no payday loans VA, the requirements would be the same. If you’re currently unemployed in Virginia, it’s in your best interest to find a job soon and improve your way of life. Here are some interesting statistics that could apply to you:

  • In 2009, 10.6% of Virginia residents were below the poverty level.
  • The median household income was $59,372 in 2009.
  • From 2005 – 2009, it took a worker aged 16+ an average of 26.9 minutes to get to work in Virginia.

Sure, we’re proud to be residents of “Old Dominion,” one of the 13 colonies of the American Revolution, but we’re more pleased to reside in a state that believes in the following laws:

  • In Richmond, you cannot flip a coin to determine who pays for coffee.
  • You cannot keep any of the following animals as pets: monkeys, leopards, tarantulas, tigers, lions, panthers, skunks or crocodiles. Sorry.
  • No animals can be hunted on Sundays except raccoons, which can be hunted until 2am.
  • Women rejoice! It is illegal to tickle women.

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