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I went to cash my check this morning at amscot. As they were counting my money I noticed it wasnt as much as I was paid. Then the guy comes over and gives me part of my check and hands me a receipt with a paper. He then tells me they showed I owed money and took it out without permission! They took almost 300 for a debt supposedly made in 2005? I have recieved no contact from them at all about this. Then when I called in corporate they tell me that I owed the money and too bad. I now cannot pay my rent and maybe on the street with my children! I did try to stay calm but yea, I flipped out in the office.

I will be contacting my lawyer and will try to get it done that way. I attempted to even get half of the

money back and they said no. Wouldnt give me any of my money back. I asked for my check back and to give them the money back and they also said no. This is guy "Eman" proceeded to yell at me and then walked away and ignored me. and The Manager "Jim" ignored me also.

I will be making sure EVERY person I talk to will never go to amscot again, and being that most of my office cashes checks there, Hopefully it will take something from them.

I also called corporate and they were rude and nasty, and didn't try to come to any solution whatsoever. I was really trying to work something like a payment plan or something and they said no and will keep the money.

Im am in a hole, thanks to amscot on Brian Dairy and Starkey here in Largo, Florida.


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