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Now in the international spotlight for its sweeping reforms and debut on the world stage, Myanmar once allowed only a few international NGOs to operate inside the country. Pact was one of them.

Pact has been implementing health. livelihoods. community development, microfinance and food security programs in Myanmar since 1997. In partnership with UNDP, USAID, DANIDA, Chevron, Coca-Cola, and more than 13,300 local organizations and community groups, Pact continues to carry out far-reaching projects throughout the emerging democracy .

Pact carries out its work in over 50 townships across seven regions and states.

In 2012 alone, Pact improved access to health care for nearly 1 million people, a significant accomplishment in a country that historically has spent among the least money on health care of any nation in the world. Pact helps villages build their own solutions, training TB Heroes to identify and treat the disease; forming mothers groups that learn better methods of childbirth and parenting; constructing fly-proof latrines to prevent the

spread of diahrrea; and establishing community-led Village Health & Development Funds that make loans to villagers to improve their incomes while also funding public needs such as medicine, electricity, schools and roads.

Pact’s WORTH model, an award-winning savings-led finance program, is at the heart of three projects implemented in Myanmar. WORTH enables women to build transparent savings and credit groups and empowers them with the financial literacy needed to start microenterprises. To date, 627 savings groups have been formed with almost 15,600 members.

Pact’s extensive and integrated programming in Myanmar also includes playing a critical role in responding to natural disasters. After Cyclone Nargis in 2008, Pact provided access to drinking water, medical care, food, and shelter to people in the hardest hit areas. Today, Pact builds community resilience and resistance to shocks through livelihood and food security programs for vulnerable households.

A hallmark of Pact’s work in Myanmar is sustainability. Years after Pact leaves a village, the community institutions it helped form and develop continue to thrive.

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