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Owner rejects nonprofit's offer to buy Palo Alto mobile-home park

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Original post made on Aug 31, 2015

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Posted by Deep Throat

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on Aug 31, 2015 at 3:35 pm

Here is the comment I made on a previous discussion about this subject at Web Link .

Posted by Deep Throat

a resident of another community

on Aug 27, 2015 at 1:00 pm

Winter says, "Attorneys are boxed in because they have an ethical duty to preserve their clients' rights even if pursuing a different resolution - buying BV."

I don't believe the attorneys are "pursuing a different resolution".

The public face of the Law Foundation of Silicon Valley in the Buena Vista matter has been Supervising Attorney James Zahradka of the Foundation's Public Interest Law Group, where the Directing Attorney is Kyra Kazantzis who is the attorney for the lawsuit. Zahradka and Kazantzis hold the same positions in the Foundation's Fair Housing Law Project. Neither is part of the Foundation's Mental Health Advocacy Project which is the name of the entity on the lawsuit.

Rather than pursuing a

different strategy, I believe the attorneys want to force Jisser to accept the Caritas offer instead of a higher offer from someone else by forcing Jisser to pay legal expenses if he doesn't accept the Caritas offer. That lawsuit doesn't seem to be a different strategy than the strategy of Jisser selling to Caritas.

The Buena Vista residents should heed the comments of previous posters that the attorneys may be primarily looking out for themselves rather than their clients.

Caritas has previously said that they would replace the mobile homes of the current residents and rehabilitate the infrastructure.

Have the attorneys told their clients how much additional rent they would have to pay for the new mobile homes and the rehabilitated infrastructure, or have they told the residents that Caritas will not buy the current mobile homes when they are replaced?

Here is the list of the Foundation's attorneys: Web Link

Here is the Simitian press conference about the Caritas offer. Take a look at the last three minutes starting at 28:40 to see the comments of Winter and Zahradka: Web Link

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