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Parker brothers payday rules

parker brothers payday rules

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Nick. (About the movie 'A Brother's Kiss') People want to go to the theaters mostly for big action movies or escapism. You sit in that dark room and you escape. But this is real. It's realistic. It's really one of the most realistic films I've ever seen. That's what we set out to make and we made it!

Nick. (About the movie 'A Brother's Kiss') It was funny. That last scene, he did a great take. We thought we were done and then there was a question of whether or not the boom, the mike, got in the shot so we had to do it again. Michael was all upset about it. Then he had to do it again and he was brilliant! He used it for the next take and I think the next one was even better. It all worked out for a reason.

Nick. I can talk about myself forever!

Nick. (About the movie 'A Brother's Kiss' ) It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. We shot it

in 23 days. It was just a dream come true. I came up with the idea for the character (Lex) and really wanted that guy written for me, and so I commissioned it. It was a pipe dream, maybe that's not the right phrase to use about this movie! People were telling me, “Nick, you can’t do (a movie like this) ” I mean, this was ten years ago. I was like, “Why not?” No one gave me a good reason, so the movie got made.

Nick. I went to Brown University and I wanted to be a lawyer. I was a basketball player and then I got my arm operated on that ended my basketball career. A friend of mine asked me to audition for a play, and I got the bug.

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Nick's dream was pursuing a career in basketball at Brown University, and majoring in history.

Nick won the 'Best Actor in a Leading Role' during the 41st Annual Brooklyn Arts Council International Film & Video Festival for the movie Sinner.

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