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The Mark 10 machine pistol is a secondary weapon in PAYDAY 2 .



The Mark 10's iron sights are minimally obtrusive.

The Mark 10  is the first non-DLC automatic sidearm available, and has good firepower due to its damage and high rate of fire. These benefits are offset by its near-uncontrollable recoil, meaning it is almost unusable beyond close range. At close range though, it is capable of killing most enemies quickly.

Due to its high rate of fire, players should be especially careful not to deplete their ammo reserves too quickly, as the Mark 10's low total ammo is equal to only two magazines. With the extended magazine, it cannot even perform a single full reload after the loaded magazine is depleted.

Installing the available stability-increasing modifications makes the Mark 10 easy to control; in fact, depending on modifications, it may actually recoil downward when in full auto.

It lends itself well to use with a suppressor, with The Bigger The Better Suppressor taking almost no damage off, such that Silent Killer will actually

raise the damage above the base value.



  • Good damage
  • Massive rate of fire
  • High ammo capacity
  • Good base concealment


  • Low accuracy
  • Small ammo reserve exhausts very quickly, especially during protracted fights
  • Extremely high recoil without appropriate modifications


As the Mark 10's Accuracy and Stability are both phenomenally low and can only be enhanced with the right mods, the most practical way to go at it is to focus mainly on ones that enhances these stats. Concealment is not a major concern (and cannot be improved by mods) as one would not benefit much from a compact but inaccurate machine pistol.

Without the bonuses from perks and skills, the above build offers an Accuracy readout of 16. 25 Stability and 28 Damage per shot. Concealment total is somewhat low ( 14 to 16 ).

Available modifications payday 2 10

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