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Payday 2 company

payday 2 company

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Several fictional companies appear in the PAYDAY universe, some appearing only in PAYDAY: The Heist and others crossing into PAYDAY 2 .



"Stay safe. Stay out! " —Company motto.

GenSec Industries. or GenSec,  for short, is a private security company that designs security systems including security doors, alarm systems and offers security service including security guards and armored convoys. GenSec also manufactures various types of body armor, one of them being the Flak Jacket.

They appear throughout PAYDAY: The Heist and PAYDAY 2 in various heists; even extending to its own elite unit of law enforcement officers, including the Skulldozer. a modified version of the Bulldozer. GenSec's private Elite SWAT units are often seen engaging the crew on Death Wish difficulty alongside common law enforcers suggests that they either are a private military force hired by the Metropolitan PD itself, or are instructed in their training to do so. Due to their products's association with law enforcers, GenSec can be considered somewhat of an antagonistic faction in the series.

Garnet Group

Frank Yaeger

A 50x 200cm Frank Yaeger safe in Four Stores .


Murkywater is a private military contractor first appearing in PAYDAY: The Heist. and again in PAYDAY 2 via the Shadow Raid update.

Some of its PMCs are fought by the crew during the Slaughterhouse heist. This is the only appearance Murkywater makes in the entire PAYDAY: The Heist game, apart from a printed notice on the door behind which the big diamond lies in Diamond Heist.

In PAYDAY 2, the Shadow Raid  heist involves the crew looting a Murkywater warehouse in D.C. guarded by lots of its PMCs. Their new incarnation resembles a milltary unit rather than a paramiltary company. According to Bain, Murkywater is a rather unethical organization that is more comparable to cut-throat mercenaries than regular PMCs. They're notorious for robbing blind the countries that they are deployed in for treasures and other items of interest and smuggling them out as part of their regular supply runs.

According to Commissioner Garrett's profile on them, a vast majority of Murkywater's ranks are composed of international recruits instead of an all-American outfit, with German, Armenian and South African members to name a few. payday 2 company

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