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Payday 2 is a sequel to the first game which was moderately okayish. After playing Payday 2 that opinion will change and you will love this series and will be waiting to get your hands on Payday 3 if it is ever made :). For now though we give you Payday 2 PC download in its full version form, use the link found below to get the game for free.

As before you will be a part of a team which does only one thing, bank heists. One good thing about this game is that there are plenty of ways that can be done and there is no room for repetition if you play it will. So get Payday 2 free download and start enjoying this new action where you play the bad guys. The textures are better but look the same in all the banks. There are plenty of things that can go wrong in a robbery and all of these things have been packed in this game so there is no chance of repetition while you are playing any mission. Download Payday 2 free for PC then enjoy the non-stop action.

Payday 2 Download for PC

Don’t expect too much from the single player part though as the main component of the game is the co-op play. Fortunately for everyone you can use this Payday 2 PC download and

play online as well using tunngle software. Look at the download page instructions to know how. One thing that needs to be said about the AI is its ridiculous, good for nothing. You will always get killed if you are playing alone. Find the link below which gives you Payday 2 free download, either from direct links or torrents and get the full version.

Like its predecessor you are a four man crew and you are trying to rob anything that’s worth a dime, banks or vaults anything. You will find a number of high powered cops with plenty of firepower but little brain at all the places you rob. Sounds like an interesting settings? Then download Payday 2 free for PC and start playing.

The heists are very unique and they give you the satisfaction that you require from doing such things, so you are kept away from them in real life :P. Still leaving aside the problem of poor AI this is one hell of a game, a perfect heist game in our opinion. Following link gives you full version of Payday 2 free download. Use it to get the Payday 2 PC download and follow instructions given below to install and play. Online play requires you to install all the latest updates for that see the instructions given on the download page.

Download PayDay 2 Free for PC Full Version

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