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Jewelry Store

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"I got a light on a Jewelry Store that's begging to be hit. Call me back. " —Bain offering the heist

Jewelry Store is a one-day heist in Payday 2 .

Contracted by Bain. it involves the crew staging a smash-and-grab of a jewelry store.


  1. Steal 3 bags of Jewelry. (6 bags on Hard, 8 bags on Very Hard/Overkill/Death Wish)
  2. Escape.


A straightforward heist; the crew needs to steal the required number of bags from the store, which are obtained by smashing the larger display cases in the storefront area. The crew can opt to steal the jewelry in the smaller display cases in the storefront and back offices for extra cash.

There may or may not be a safe to open in the rear office (to the right) which may contain loose money and/or an extra bag or two of jewelry. On Overkill and Death Wish difficulty it is usually necessary to open the safe in order to collect enough bags of loot.

Once the crew has loaded the required number of jewelry bags into the van, the escape zone is activated around the van and the level can be completed.

There are four major methods of completing Jewelry Store, described below as Loud, Stealth-Loud, Full Stealth and Speedrunning.

Charging into the Jewelry Store guns blazing is a legitimate strategy on Jewelry Store, especially if the crew has multiple ECM Jammers to delay the alarm. On lower difficulties it is relatively easy to use ECMs to cover the time required to loot enough bags, see Speedrunning below.

However, if the alarm is raised,Twitch. the getaway driver will be forced to retreat and return later due to the heavy police presence. The crew will then be forced to defend themselves for several minutes until Twitch can return. His return location is randomized between four possible spots: along the road to the left, along the road to the right and on either side of the car park opposite the store.

This method is most effective when combined with Control Freak from the Mastermind tree. Starting the heist stealthily has certain advantages, notably that it is possible to eliminate any guards behind the store and take control of the rear offices without the alarm being raised and without significant crowd control issues. In particular, this allows the crew to drill open the safe in peace.

When the crew is ready to hit the main area of the store, the heister with Control Freak simply needs to fire a few shots from an unsilenced weapon into the air over a period of about four seconds. It is recommended to head out into the street in front of the store and track down and cable-tie or kill any civilians on the outer extremities of the map as they may not be continually intimidated by the gunfire. Grenades may be necessary for this. Firing a single shot every 30-45 seconds will ensure that civilians around the heister's position remain intimidated and the store can be fully looted with ease.

This method is entirely possible without Control Freak, but players will have to take care to shout down the civilians - it may be best to consider cable-tying or killing all the civilians in the back offices and any in the street (unless they are directly between the store and the van).

Obviously if running the heist with multiple players it is possible to have one or two players dedicated to crowd control (saving on cable ties and cleaner costs) while the others concentrate on looting the store. Note also that an unmasked "spotter" in the street will make it easier to time the raid to coincide with all wandering civilians being within the map boundaries.

If the alarm is sounded, Twitch will leave and return later, as detailed in Loud above.

It is possible to complete the heist without killing all the guards on the map and without controlling the street in front of the store. This method is probably the least efficient, as there are never more than 4 pagers to answer, but might be useful practice and/or easier for certain stealth builds.

There are usually six civilians outside the store who will wander the streets. By patiently waiting until they are all leaving the map, a player can mask up, shout down the civilians inside the store, cable tie those near the front and move them to the rear of the main store area. If done correctly, none of the wandering civilians will notice anything suspicious and the display cases can be broken and looted in relative peace (civilians are not alerted by broken display cases).

Carefully timed runs across to the van will allow the loot to be extracted, if necessary the loot can be thrown part of the way as civilians are not alerted by loot bags on the ground. It may be easier to exit through the windows in the rear offices of the store, kill any guards found around the back then use the alleyway up the side of the store to bring bags to the van. Note however that this requires maintaining crowd control over civilians in the main area of the store, either by leaving a player there or by cable-tying or silently killing all the civilians inside.

Another variation on this method is to ensure that the crew has at least six cable ties in total (three players, or just one with Cable Guy aced). Enter the store, mask up and shout down the civilians. Then immediately exit the store to shout down and tie all the civilians in the street. As long as none of them are visible from the alleyways (where guards patrol behind the store) it is possible to use shouts to maintain control in the store while looting and therefore complete the heist without taking control of the rear of the store.

If the alarm is sounded, Twitch will leave and return later, as detailed in Loud above.

Completing Jewelry Store on Normal is the cheapest, easiest and fastest method of farming payday card draws in order to collect masks and weapon modifications, as well as unlocking a 5% stealth bonus before attempting a longer, tougher, more rewarding heist.

This is preferably (though not necessarily) done with at least three players. The players rush into the store at the beginning of the heist and each grab one bag, then rush back to the

van (on Normal only 3 bags are needed for completion).

Using this method, the level can be completed easily in under 30 seconds (below 15 is possible) and the alarm usually won't be sounded before the players escape, however civilians will attempt to phone the police. A lone player with a basic ECM Jammer can negate this risk by using ECM to block cell phones. Aced ECM Specialist will negate the need to answer pagers, making it less troublesome to kill guards should one spawn inside the store. This is of particular use to solo players.

If ECMs are chained correctly and multiple players carry bags, Jewelry Store can be speed run on any difficulty setting except Death Wish (due to the requirement of opening the Titan Safe. see below), although on Overkill it may be necessary to have one player bring shaped charges to open the (non-Titan) safe.

If the alarm is sounded, Twitch will leave and return later, as detailed in Loud above.

Speedrun build tips

A minimum requirement for a heister speedrunning Jewelry Store is unlocking the ECM Jammer at the bottom of the Ghost tree although it's possible for some players to skip this if there are at least two in total in the crew. This means that it is perfectly legitimate to speedrun Jewelry Store as a group of level 1 heisters. (It is possible to solo as level 1 but the timing is exquisite and some luck is required. Video (somewhat dated, be sure to read the notes).)

Exact priority order is a matter of debate, but a player speedrunning Jewelry Store should ideally have the following skills (total level requirement : 20) :

  • Transporter aced : to minimise time taking bags back to the van.
  • Sprinter aced : to minimise time sprinting in both directions.
  • Endurance basic : to allow the entire heist to be done while sprinting.
  • Fast Hands aced : to minimise time bagging jewelry.
  • Run and Gun basic : to minimise time moving in both directions.

It may be useful to have one heister who has heavily invested in the Ghost tree to unlock aced ECM Specialist and basic ECM Overdrive although these skills are of decreasing value as the number of heisters increases.

Variations and Events
  • There may be a fence blocking the alley to the left of the store. If you are escaping through this alley, you may jump on top of the dumpster and then jump over the fence.
  • There might be a guard inside the store.
  • From 0 to 3 guards may be in the back alley.
  • There is a chance for two Metropolitan Police officers to be present at a hot dog stand down the road of the store.
    • Note that police officers do not carry pagers and therefore do not count towards the 4 pager response limit.
  • There may be a shipping container blocking the windows of the back office to the left, or in the rear alley.
  • There is the possibility of a safe in the office to the right when going down to the back-room, located in the right corner when entering the room. It can contain 1 or 2 bags of jewelry, and several small bundles of cash.
  • There may be a civilian in the left alley.

Gage Mod Courier Packages
  • In the car park, between the two cars closest to the escape van
  • In the car park, next to a blue dumpster that may spawn
  • Inside a ute (pick-up truck) in the car park
  • In the parking booth inside the car park
  • On the boxes in front of the fence (that may spawn) on the left of the store.
  • A few metres further towards the back of the store from the previous location
  • On the front seat of a scrapped car, towards the rear left of the store
  • Behind the rear right wheel of the same scrapped car
  • Behind the trashed couch at the back left side of the store
  • On the same trashed couch on the cushions
  • In the back left corner of the map, on the right of two blue dumpsters
  • In the middle of the alley behind the store, in some tufts of grass
  • At the back end of the right alley, by the corner of the building
  • At the right alley next to the store, next to the dumpster
  • On the white chest of drawers in the back right of the store
  • On the cabinet at the back in the small room to the right of the store
  • Under the desk in the middle of the same room as the previous location
  • Under the desk in the office to the left of the store
  • Behind the shopping bags in the same office as the previous location
  • Behind the door to the right side of the store
  • Under the blue post box, at the right front entrance of the store
  • Under the wooden bench near the post box at the front

Death Wish Mode Changes
  • The back alleyways will be fenced off, restricting players from walking behind the store. Guards can still spawn behind the fence, making them more difficult to deal with, as players will be forced to enter the store and smash or lockpick a window to get to them.
    • Agile players can negate this change by jumping on the cardboard boxes on the left side (A civilian or mod package may sometimes be by them) and then across to the piping on the right-side wall. They can then jump to the top of that and over the fence. It is important to do this at the start of the heist if you plan to do it, otherwise a guard may walk to and station himself right by the fence.
  • There will always be 7 bags of jewelry in the front of the store, forcing players to drill open the large Titan Safe in the back in order to meet the minimum heist completion requirement of 8 bags.
  • There is a higher chance the police on the corner at the hot dog stand will spawn.

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