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Bulldozer (Payday 2)

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"These guys are not technical warriors of the modern war on crime. They're big, they're armored, and they're armed with Reinfeld 880's. It all just means that when these guys come onto the field you work together to bring them down fast or they will quickly down you. " —Bain's Description

The Bulldozer is a special unit with extremely heavy armor. Similar to its previous counterpart. the Bulldozer is near-indestructible, having high health and headshot immunity until its faceplates are blasted off. The outer faceplate has 150 health, and the inner visor has 160 health.

For Update #24. a new variation of the Bulldozer was introduced solely for the Death Wish difficulty. This variation has a digital camouflage uniform with a faceplate decorated with a skull. He wields a KSP capable of very high damage output.



"Bulldozers are the heavy armor of the SWAT. They wear military-grade para-aramid suits common to bomb disposal squads, making them capable of soaking up enormous amounts of damage. They can also pack serious firepower. Even the most regular ‘dozer carries a pump-action Reinfeld, while more advanced units carry semi-automatic shotguns.

My Notes:  Application for this program has the highest percentage in the force, but acceptance is the lowest. That tells me a lot - everyone wants to be a dozer, but very few meet the requirements. Physically huge, and they need to be to move around in that suit of armor. They're the toughest line we can draw. " —FBI Files Description

From left to right: A Black IZHMA 12G Bulldozer, a KSP Skulldozer, a Reinfield 880 Green Bulldozer.

Unlike PAYDAY: The Heist . Bulldozers hesitate to engage in a firefight immediately. Upon deployment, they will approach a player, attack, and camp around the last location the player was seen. This allows the player a short moment to take cover or run around a corner to reload, heal, and regroup with others. Bulldozers usually tend to alternate between aggressive, close-quartered engagements and defensive tactical withdrawal. However, they have been known to aggressively rush the player until they're taken down. They are especially dangerous in pairs, and frequently spawn in pairs on higher difficulties, occasionally even threes on Death Wish, with a maximum of four possible active bulldozers on a map at any given time. This limit can be exceeded through scripted event spawns on several heists, including the Transport heists, Hoxton Breakout. and others.

Like all specials, they have their own set of tells or warning signs; the Bulldozers have a loud, energetic voice, and love to taunt players while engaging or incapacitating them. Even if you can't make out what they're actually saying, observant players should keep an ear open at all times. For a complete list of their quotes, refer to this video link. They also have unique, heavy footstep sounds, though these can be hard to hear over general combat sound. Finally, Bulldozers have one unique indicator of their presence that no other unit possesses; when caught in the radius of an explosive, there will be a loud metallic clanging sound.

Because of their unpredictable behavior and high survivability, Bulldozers can be challenging to even the most experienced of players. They may suddenly break off an engagement and hide around a corner, or stand around in the open doing nothing before suddenly charging.


Currently there are five different variants of the Bulldozer, three of which are encountered during normal gameplay. Each is more dangerous than the last. One can distinguish between different types of Bulldozer depending on the suit. If a Bulldozer has a green suit, he uses a Reinfeld 880 shotgun. If he has black armor, then he is equipped with a IZHMA 12G. Digital camo and a skull decal on the faceplate indicates a KSP wielding Skulldozer.

Green Bulldozer

Green Bulldozer

Wielding a Reinfeld 880 pump action shotgun, these Bulldozers are the most basic and form the staple of the Bulldozer. They are worthy opponents but also the weakest Bulldozer variant, especially due to the Reinfeld's long reload time, which leaves the Bulldozer open to counterattacks. Green Bulldozers are the most damaging of the two basic types on a shot per shot basis as their Reinfeld is very powerful, but this damage is balanced out by the weapon's low rate of fire and short effective range.

There is a 50% chance that a spawned Bulldozer will be a Green Bulldozer on Overkill and below. The Green Bulldozer also appears on Death Wish mode as a rare and/or map-specific spawn during special scripted events.

On higher difficulties, Green Bulldozers may spawn with the same gorget as seen on the Black variant, though it will be coloured green to match the rest of their suit.

Black Bulldozer

Black Bulldozer

Also known as the "Killdozer", the Black Bulldozer wields an IZHMA 12G semi-automatic shotgun instead of a Reinfeld 880 pump-action shotgun. These Bulldozers are more dangerous than the more common green variant and can easily pin down heisters thanks to their range and firepower. Despite common misconceptions, however, this variant has no more health than a regular green Bulldozer. The Black variant also possesses a rather pronounced neck gorget that can be damaged and knocked off; it does not provide a significant defensive advantage, but may make their visors slightly harder to hit from the side and flank. Compared to Green Bulldozers, the Black variant has slightly less firepower - but a much greater ammo capacity and much higher rate of fire, faster reload speed, and greater effectiveness over long range.

There is a 50% chance for a spawned Bulldozer to be a Black Bulldozer on all difficulties.


"The Skulldozer is an elite unit that the MPD sometimes contracts from GenSec, and represents the toughest asset that can be legally deployed. The armor utilizes GenSec’s cutting edge alloy, Vivinite, and these men carry KSP light machineguns. This gives them incredible durability and also a devastating attack - all in all, a highly effective assault unit.

My Notes: These guys….I first saw them deployed in Boston. I’m still not even sure they’re fully human. Part of the GenSec specials we sometimes call in. When I see the size of these operatives, and the devastation they leave behind, I wonder if we’re letting GenSec test-drive some new piece of drug-enhanced cyber-warrior. I’m damn glad they’re on our side. Hell, I almost feel sorry for the clowns when this guy gets on the scene. " —FBI Files Description.


Also known as the "Elite Bulldozer" or the "GenSec-Dozer", it is the single most powerful non-map specific police unit in the game, wielding a KSP light machine gun and wearing urban camo armor. They have incredible health and can down a heister in seconds with sustained LMG fire. They also boast a generous ammo capacity, but a lengthy reload time.

The "Skulldozer" (so named for the decal on his faceplate) is truly a force to be reckoned with, as his armor plating has been vastly improved from that of standard Bulldozers and his face shield becomes even harder to shoot off. Cover and/or a significant range advantage is highly recommended when dealing with these enemies as their KSP light machine guns are capable of dealing tremendous amounts of damage at close range. Skulldozers also tend to deploy in pairs, doubling the threat.

The KSP's huge magazine and rapid-fire capability, though, are offset by the weapon's lengthy reload time, which is the perfect opportunity for heisters to pop out of cover and take him down, as Skulldozers will not attack and will remain stationary while reloading. Do note that, because of Death Wish's difficulty tweaks, getting the dozer to actually empty his KSP is a very tough affair that should not be actively attempted. With an ammo count of 255 rounds and a chance of spawning in pairs, they will almost always have enough ammo to take the entire crew down.

Skulldozers can also be taken down in two shots to the faceplate or three shots to the body from the Thanatos .50 cal rifle, making this an extremely useful weapon in Death Wish heists.

The Skulldozer only appears on Death Wish difficulty, alongside the GenSec Elite SWAT Team. There is a 50% chance that a Bulldozer spawned on the Death Wish difficulty will be a Skulldozer. These units formerly spawned on Overkill difficulty as a map-specific spawn in the Hoxton Breakout heist but the spawn has since been replaced by the Black variant.

Skulldozers will use the health and headshot multipliers of regular Bulldozer variants if they are ever spawned on Overkill or below, but with the removal of the special spawn noted above, this can only occur if they are manually spawned using modifications.

Limited-time variants

Headless Bulldozer

A headless variant of the Bulldozer appears exclusively during the 2013 Halloween event. The Headless Bulldozer looks similar to the Black Bulldozer and uses the same IZHMA 12G  shotgun. The Headless Bulldozer varies from the Black Bulldozer in that his head is absent, leaving an exposed neck stump, and he carries a sword on his back.

The Headless Bulldozer was much harder to kill because his head was removed, making him immune to headshots. However, his health remains the same as the normal Black Bulldozer.

The Headless Bulldozer appeared during the 2013 Halloween event, replacing the normal Black Bulldozers. They were the sole law enforcement opponents in the 2013 Safe House Nightmare  Halloween special.

This model appearance is no longer available due to the 2013 Halloween event having finished.


The Headless Titandozer From Hell was announced on October 28th, 2014, as a new enemy to be introduced in the 2014 Halloween Event. He is essentially a white-armoured Headless Bulldozer, but wears a heavy, FBI-variant Shield on his back instead of a sword. Though shown wielding a giant hammer made using Titan safes in the promotional art, the in-game weapon is significantly smaller in size and is not actively wielded, only used as a melee weapon.

Like the Skulldozer, he wields a KSP LMG. He is also the toughest variant yet. He is immune to conventional weaponry from behind thanks to his shield, though weapons like Sniper Rifles that can normally penetrate shields can still deal damage. He is also virtually immune to head shots due to lacking a head; however, he does have a headshot multiplier, which can be activated by striking a tiny, needle-in-a-haystack spinal cord/neck stump. Finally, he possesses 11,000 hit points, even on Normal, the most of any enemy to date.

To compensate for his firepower, headshot immunity, and sheer durability, the AI of the Headless Titandozer is intentionally crippled; he will not try to attack players that aren't looking directly at him, allowing players to avoid a direct confrontation by looking elsewhere, though he'll still wander around and can walk into a player's field of view. He will also be stunned from being shot in the mouth/exposed jaw.

The Titandozer appeared as the event map-specific enemy spawn during the 2014 Halloween version of Safe House Nightmare.

Damage Output

The following table details damage dealt by the three core 'types' of Bulldozer over various ranges. Death Wish damage values are given in parentheses (curved brackets) where appropriate. payday 2 merchandise

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