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Payday 2 the heist trailer

payday 2 the heist trailer

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From Overkill, the game developers that won't stop advertising themselves in their only game, comes a sequel to a popular game they partially have the rights to.

Play the video game equivalent of League of Legends where you must work together with other players to complete the objective, only for them to bitch at each other when someone f**ks up.

Escape from a life where you can't make money without having fun(unless you're a YouTuber)and step into the shoes of 10 career criminals: Dallas, Houston, Chains, Wolf, Hoxton, Clover, John Wick, Dragan, Jacket and newcomer Bonnie. But because their van can't fit them all at once, only go four at a time. You know they could just buy a bigger van. I mean they are filthy rich so why not. I-It is just me or is this game more fun with at least five players.*cricket noise* A-am I the only one who thought about this thoroughly?

Log on to and go on heists that is divided into five difficulties: Normal, the one that no one plays anymore, Hard, the one where only noobs comes to play, Very Hard, the one where most players go to, Overkill, the one where true heisters play and DEATHWISH *rock music starts playing* the difficulty only hardcore players go to, where players use five of the most strongest weapons in the game like a bitch. For example:

Camping with the Thanatos, camping with the Locomotive, blindfiring the Car-4, shooting the GL40 willy-nilly and no-scoping the Rattlesnake. And once the heist is over, take only 20% of your earnings to your safehouse while the other 80% goes to the offshore account that you only use to buy contracts and buy another skill tree and there's nothing you can do about it.

But it isn't all that easy, get ready to spend the skill points you earn from leveling up on dozens of tough choices in the skill tree. Mastermind, the class that nobody loves but everyone focuses on. Enforcer, the class everybody loves but no one wants to focus on. Technician, the

class everybody ignores.*utter silence* Fugitive, the class that is slightly less ignored than the technician. And last but definitely not least. Ghost, the class everybody loves just because it has Sprinter, Fast Hands, Chameleon, Cleaner, Shinobi and Martial Arts.

Once you're outta thought on what to do with your money, get ready to spend your hard earned cash on dozens of unique weapons and dozens of useless masks. 50000 BUCKS JUST TO PAINT A MASK! I can find all the materials and make a real mask and paint it myself for less!

And once you're tired of the game get ready to sacrifice it all by becoming infamous where you lose all your cash and back to level one only to get a roman number next to your gamer tag. Bang bang noobs.

Play the full PC experience or the dumbed down, impossible to control, not even updated and cash grab on consoles. Play as a heister and work together with other players by carefully strategizing in the overview menu only for them to disagree and sh*t talk you every time you have a perfect and FLAWLESS PLAN. URRRGH, F**K THIS! I work better alone.*Carries loot bags one by one to the van in bank heist:cash then goes into bleedout mode and dies* *sighs* Nevermind!

And if you're still somehow not enjoying the game. Overkill promises to make the game more interesting by adding three more lucrative letters.

D. L. C.


Buy over 18 DLCs that you'll definitely get due to your addiction of killing cops as it rewards you with. new heists, new characters, LMGs, sniper rifles, knives, naaaaaaades, World War II guns, a soundtrack album, rocket launchers and a motherf**king minigun.



So get ready to play one of best crime games of the modern generation alongside GTA V and Hotline Miami, that has one of the best core gameplay of history, with a community that won't stop bitching about getting free content making them the second most unappreciative community in the world. *shows Halo's community* Look if you think the DLCs are too expensive then don't buy it. Are people really that stupid.

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