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But if you will follow the steps carefully and you should be okay. I’ve done this twice on Lumia 800 and 900  successfully    If you have questions and doubts just shoot a comment on this post.

Reminder: Please back up your files before doing this. This will wipe clean your device and install a fresh new version of Windows Phone 7.8

Things needed before we start:

*** Nokia Care Suite has been reported not compatible on the following:

  • Windows 7 x64
  • Windows XP x64
  • Windows XP x86

If you are running Windows 8, please install this registry file .

Let’s start!

  1. Install the Nokia Care Suite package
  2. Install Nokia Data Package Manager
  3. Plug your Lumia device and make sure that Zune is closed
  4. Go to C:Program FilesNokiaNokia Care SuiteDrivers and double click to install the WinUSB Drivers x86 (32bit) or WinUSB Drivers x64 (64bit)
  5. Go to C:Program FilesNokiaNokia Care SuiteApplication Launcherbin and create a shortcut for ApplicationLauncher
  6. Launch the ApplicationLauncher  and open the Product Support Toll for Store 5.0
  7. Select your device model from the drop down option. Make sure that ‘Automatic Product Selection ‘ is ticked. Click on Programming and select Recovery. At this point your Lumia device should already be detected.
  8. On Recovery mode. click on File on top right side and select Open Product. A small window will open and select your Lumia

    variant/product code. For instance, RM-801 (Nokia Lumia 800) and click Open. That should display the Code, Variant name and Version of the Lumia device as shown below.Hit the Start button and it will trigger the download process of the firmware.

  9. Once done, it will proceed to the flashing process. Do not disconnect your device during the process or else it will kill your phone.

Work around:

If in case the Product Support Tool Software won’t detect your device variant for downloading the firmware files and the Start button is greyed out. You can download the firmware files straight from Navifirm 1.7

And place all the firmware files at this location:


The RM folder will vary depending on your device variant. RM-801 is for Lumia 800. Once you have put the firmware files in this location. You can go back to Product Support Tool under Recovery Mode and hit update list. The Start button should enable and your device variant information should appear on the list.

After this you’re phone should restart and once you’ve seen the new Windows Phone 8 logo then you’re phone is now updated to WP 7.8! Congratulations!


To get the right firmware with a Bluetooth Share/Ringtone Maker pre-installed, use the APAC1 IN (India) variant. Tried and tested.

Video Tutorial is also available:

Please leave a comment if it works or not. I will reply as early as I can.

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