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payday advace (“,” “we,” “our” or “us”) has respect for your privacy, and our policy is to do everything within our power to keep that privacy protected. Among the various ways that we work to keep your privacy protected are the following:

  • We will go ahead and terminate an account with us should we discover that it is being utilized to send out spam emails.
  • In no case do we ever allow third parties to obtain access to your personal information other than as stated here within this document.
  • We only send you emails if you elect to receive such messages from won’t give out any information about you to third parties except if we have gotten permission from you to do this. On our website, there are a number of different forms you can use to provide us with your personal contact information. This information will allow you the capability of utilizing our site for many different purposes, including creating an account, browsing through available information, and putting in requests, among others. only is going to use your contact information if we must get ahold of you to tell you of functionality changes to our products/services; deliver you news about our site; alert you to important customer offers that may benefit you; or send you other types of critical customer service communication. utilizes the information collected on you from our site statistics by means of log files that third-party tracking partners (e.g. your IP address) give us to aid us in diagnosing server problems and administering our site. In addition, we collect a broad set of demographic information from your personal data in order to aid us in implementing improvements to our site and enabling you to have a wholly satisfying user experience. The aforementioned information isn’t linked to any information that personally identifies you. The site utilizes cookies to record your session information. Be aware that we do link the information stored in said cookies to personally identifiable information you submit while you use the site.

It is important for you to realize that utilizes not only session ID cookies, but persistent cookies, too. The key difference between these is that persistent cookies remain on your computer hard drive for quite a long period of time, whereas session ID cookies expire when you close your Internet browser. If you would like to remove persistent cookies from the hard drive, you just need to follow the directions that should be easily found in your browser’s “help” file.

Also, utilizes cookies for the purpose of storing your username if during the login process you request to remember your username. This stored information will be used to automatically prefill the login form on your future visits to our site. Additionally, should you be referred to our site by an advertisement or a partner, will store information relating to that referral in cookies.

The Privacy Policy does not cover the use of cookies by our affiliates, service providers, partners and tracking utility company. doesn’t have either control over or access to those cookies. The tracking utility company that we work closely with uses session ID cookies for the purpose of trying to aid us in improving our site and making your customer experience while on it a more satisfying one.

The site also includes links to other third-party websites. We are responsible for neither the content nor privacy practices of those sites, and we highly recommend that you examine very carefully the privacy statement of any third-party site that you elect to visit.

On the site you will find strict built-in security measures designed to prevent the misuse, alteration and loss of the different pieces of information under our control. Here at, we make use of 128 bit SSL security for encrypting any transmissions that occur while you are providing sensitive data, etc. However, please understand that because no method of Internet transmission or electronic storage is perfectly secure, we simply can’t guarantee its absolute security. If you have questions about our website security, you may contact us directly.

Communication Through Email uses emails for the purpose of communicating with you and sending you information that you have requested. Also, there are email links on most of our Web pages so you can, easily and directly, get in touch with us. We strive to always respond rapidly to emails we get from our customers.

Please be aware that there is a possibility we will store information which you send to us via email and use it to improve the quality of our services and website. We will never share said information with third parties unless you provide us with explicit permission to do so.

Distributing Customers’ Personal Information

Again, won’t ever hand out your personal information to outside parties unless you have provided your express consent for us to do this, or give it out in any ways other than those that are covered in the Privacy Policy. There only exist two exceptions to this: when we determine that we must take such action in order to conform to laws on the books, and if we must comply with a legal process served on the website.

If is involved in a sale of part or all of the company’s assets, a merger or an acquisition, we will inform you via an email message and/or a notice on the website of any change in ownership or uses of your personal information. Also, we will make it a point to inform you of the various options you may have with regard to your information.

Changes to’s Practices

If makes changes regarding any privacy aspects — this would include our information handling practices — we will make sure to update this document so that the aforementioned changes are reflected in it no less than one week before they are implemented. In the event that initiates any material changes, we will alert you to these by way of a notice on our website well before the changes show up. We strongly suggest that you peruse this document once in a while in order to stay up to date on any changes. We also may choose to, through email, apprise you of any changes that we think you should be aware of.’s Partner Service Providers is partnered with a credit card processing firm that it uses to bill customers for some services. Under no circumstances whatsoever does that firm ever use, share or store customer data for any secondary purposes. If you want to obtain more information about the firm’s privacy policies, you can email us at

Access to Customer Data

If any changes regarding your personally identifiable information occur, or if you decide that you don’t want to make use of our service anymore, you can easily update, delete or deactivate your account with us as needed. You may do this either by emailing us at or by inputting the changes right on our member information page.

Blogs and Forums Located on Our Website

There may be community forums or public blogs as part of the website. Please realize that the information you elect to provide in these may be examined and utilized by other people who access them. Feel free to email us at if you want your information removed from these areas on our website. Note: There may be times when cannot remove the information that you want taken off our site, and at those times, we will always inform you of the reason why we cannot expunge the information. Customer Testimonials

On the website, from time to time we may choose to post customer testimonials, and these could include pieces of personally identifiable information. The policy of is to always obtain the consent of a customer through email before we go ahead and post a testimonial that includes the customer’s name. Should post your testimonial and you decide at a later point that you don’t want it on our site, simply send us an email at


You can have any questions or concerns regarding our policies on customer privacy addressed by emailing us at

Terms and Conditions (“,” “we,” “our” or “us”) owns and operates the website located at (the “Site”). We maintain and provide the Site for your information, conditioned on your acceptance, without modification, of the notices, terms and conditions that are contained in these Usage Terms. By accessing and making use of the Site, you accept and agree, without any limitation, to the following terms and conditions:


You fully understand as well as agree that does not function as a lender and is neither the issuer of, nor creditor for, the products that it offers on its website. Any services or products advertised on the Site or made available to you after you obtain a financial product from an issuer are by, and remain the sole responsibility of, the respective service providers and product vendors.


Your receipt of an order confirmation does not serve as a sign of any acceptance of your funding, and neither does it constitute confirmation of any offer to fund. reserves the right to, at any point after we receive your request for a fast cash loan, decline or accept the request for any reason that we deem fit. may require additional information or verification before accepting a specific request for loan help. is responsible neither for cash loan requests that cannot be funded nor funding requests that prove unsuccessful as a result of an applicant’s ineligibility to qualify for the funding opportunity.


In order to be able to use the Site, you must be a minimum of 18 years of age. You agree to not use the Site or its content for any activities that are illegal or inappropriate in nature.


You agree to comply with all applicable statutes, laws, regulations and ordinances regarding your use of the website and your purchase of products or services through the Site’s assorted third-party affiliates. may, at its sole discretion, report perceived or real violations of the law to appropriate authorities, law enforcement included among them. In the event that becomes aware, through a complaint or otherwise, of any suspected or potential violation of these Usage Terms or of our privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”), we may (though are not obligated to) investigate to learn the nature and extent of the possible violation and figure out the appropriate enforcement action, during which investigation may actually suspend services to any customer being investigated and/or remove any material from’s servers. You agree to cooperate fully with any such investigation. You acknowledge that if you commit a violation of these Usage Terms, said violation could potentially make you subject to penalties, either civil or criminal.


The trade names, titles, trademarks, graphics, characters, designs and other properties, including all text, images and software appearing on the Site, are fully protected intellectual properties owned by, its licensees, or other third parties that have authorized use of such properties. grants you permission to examine and produce copies of pages, images, documents or other materials or content on its website for the purposes of acquiring a quick money loan through or any of its affiliates for your personal and noncommercial use. reserves all other rights in the Site and its contents. You do not have permission to display, distribute, transmit or disseminate any such pages, images, documents, materials or content without receiving’s written consent first. Except as expressly provided on the Site, nothing that is contained on the Site shall be construed as conferring any right or license under any copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights.


We make a reasonable effort to ensure that all the information found on the website is fully accurate. That said, we can’t guarantee such accuracy. makes no representations regarding the results or use of any of our website’s content as to its accuracy, reliability or any other matter.



The website may include links to outside websites that are maintained by third parties. isn’t responsible for the

content or privacy policies of those outside sites, and the links do not represent any kind of endorsement or recommendation of the sites or of any product or service that is offered by them or of any party that is affiliated with them.


The Privacy Policy, which is incorporated herein by reference, is applicable to any data that is supplied through the Site in accordance with the Privacy Policy to be found at This particular document spells out your rights and our responsibilities with regard to the personal information you give to us. pledges to not use your information in any way inconsistent with the limitations and purposes outlined in the Privacy Policy. You agree that, in its sole discretion, may alter the Privacy Policy at any time, and you further agree that, by using the Site after such changes go into effect, you have consented to the changes. You acknowledge that if you do not consent to any such alteration, you will no longer utilize the website.

SECURITY MEASURES employs extremely secure technology to ensure that your sensitive personal information is protected. Although has taken reasonable measures to provide for the security of certain pieces of critical information that you submit to our website, it cannot positively guarantee that this information won’t be decrypted or intercepted by others and used in unauthorized manners. does not accept any responsibility for such decryption or interception.

USE OF THE SITE is not your agent and neither is it the agent of the issuer of any fast money loan or any supplier with respect to your decision to borrow a loan. may get compensation from third parties for services, facilities or goods that we make available to them under separate contact. Such services, facilities or goods may or may not relate at all to your use of the website. You agree to any such compensation arrangement whether it is related to your use of our website or not.


You agree that any legal action which you initiate against shall be governed by the laws of the State of Nevada, disregarding conflict of law principles. You agree that the only venue and jurisdiction for any litigation arising from orders made on, or your utilization of, the website shall be an appropriate federal or state court located in Nevada. We make no representations that website content is appropriate for access outside the United States. Individuals who elect to access the Site from outside the United States do so on their own initiative and are responsible for complying with applicable local laws where they are. If any provision within this document is held to be invalid or unenforceable, that provision shall be struck and all remaining provisions shall be enforced.

MODIFICATION TO THESE USAGE TERMS reserves the right to, when it deems fit, modify these Usage Terms. Your use of the Site after such a modification will constitute your acceptance of and agreement to any new or amended terms and conditions.


By using the website, you agree to indemnify and hold us, our agents, subsidiaries, officers, affiliates, and other partners and employees harmless from any liability, loss, claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, made by any third party due to, or arising out of, your use or attempted use of the Site, including uploading content of any sort to the Site or providing a link to an outside website.


By using our website, you understand and agree that, at its sole discretion and without providing any advance notice, may cut off your access to the Site and to any of the services offered there, and may expunge any content provided by you if we believe that such content is not consistent with or violates these Usage Terms or the Privacy Policy or their intent; that your conduct qualifies as disruptive; or that you have violated the law or the rights of or another user of our website.


All rights that aren’t expressly granted in these Usage Terms are reserved to The headings within these Usage Terms are used solely for the sake of convenience, and they shall not affect the construction and interpretation thereof or hereof. The failure of a party to enforce or insist upon strict performance of any provision of these Usage Terms shall not be interpreted as representing a waiver of such or any future provision or right. If any provision of these Usage Terms is determined to not be valid or enforceable, that determination shall affect neither such provision in any other way nor any other provision of the Usage Terms, which shall remain in full force and effect. The Privacy Policy and these Usage Terms make up the entire agreement and understanding between the parties with respect to the subject matter contained therein and herein, and they take the place of any and all prior written or oral agreements related to the subject matter hereof.


Mailing address:

945 McKinney St. #358

Houston, TX 77002

Email address:

Phone number: (800) 346-9626

Rates & Fees

Here at, we aim to assist consumers in obtaining fast, convenient money loans. That said, is not actually a cash lender. Rather, we serve as a connector between potential online loan borrowers and the skilled members of our trusted nationwide lending network.

The affiliate lenders have been carefully chosen on the basis of their reputability and trustworthiness, as well as their ability to provide people with the choicest cash loan deals possible, and they closely examine all the information you include as part of our brief online loan request form and use it to come up with the best offers they conceivably can present to you. The lenders determine the interest rates, fees and other terms for their loans in accordance with established regulations at the federal and state levels.

Asking for Loan Assistance

The first thing you have to do in obtaining cash loan assistance through is submit an online loan request — which is absolutely free even if you don’t end up borrowing money with our help — and meet the standard eligibility requirements. The online loan request form only takes a few minutes to complete, and with it you don’t have to submit extensive personal paperwork. The information and details that you include within your loan request will be what the decision on whether you are to be approved for aid ends up being based upon.

With online cash loans, you can get quick emergency money to tide you over until the time you receive your next paycheck. Your lender will have the ability to automatically deposit an amount ranging from $100 to $1,000 into a checking account under your name within a business day.

Not every cash loan request gets approved, but the chance that you will be approved for fast funds will go up quite a bit if you normally have your paycheck directly deposited into your bank account.

In order to qualify for speedy loan assistance through, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Earn a minimum of $1,000 per month after taxes.
  • Own a checking account in your name.
  • Possess a valid email address and valid phone number.
  • Be either a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

If for some reason your loan request doesn’t result in your being approved, feel free to submit another request later. There is no waiting period to do this, and you can actually submit loan requests as often as you would like to, always without any cost to you.

Once you are approved for a loan, we will put you in touch with local lenders right away. Should you find a loan offer that looks right and decide that you might like to take it, we’ll redirect you to the appropriate lender’s electronic signature page, where the lender will clearly disclose in writing the rates, fees and other terms associated with the loan they’re offering. At that point, you can either agree to the offer or cancel your loan request.

Fast Online Loan Benefits

The interest rates connected to online cash loans can be greater than those for bank loans of equal value. At the same time, however, you can easily get approved for assistance from our affiliated network lenders within just minutes of the time you submit your cash loan request, and without any hassle for you, those lenders can work out some kind of acceptable arrangement with you if it turns out you can’t pay back your loan by the scheduled payment due date.

Because there isn’t a pile of lengthy paperwork involved, you should discover that borrowing a loan through takes far less time and is far more convenient than going to a bank or credit union and attempting to get help there. And let’s face it — when you require some rapid cash to take care of an emergency, it just isn’t feasible for you to wait possibly several weeks to learn if you’ve been approved for a loan from your local brick-and-mortar financial institution.

Highly Competitive Loan Interest Rates and Fees

Our affiliate lenders all are well aware that the best way to obtain your business is to present you with the choicest loan terms that they can. This means that when we connect you with those lenders, you’re getting access to financial professionals who are going to be willing to approve you for an amazing loan deal. Of course, because the lenders fully disclose their loan terms prior to a person’s formal acceptance of a loan offer, the ultimate decision regarding whether to accept aid from one of them is totally up to you, and never are you obligated to agree to a particular offer.

Responsible Lending strives to always provide consumers with up-to-date information about online cash loans. We are dedicated to helping people borrow funds securely and safely, and a big part of doing that is making sure that they are acquainted with the state and federal lending laws that our affiliate lenders operate in full accordance with.

Fair Lending Practices is committed to its clients through each step of the loan process. In order to protect consumers from unfair lending practices, all of the members of our trusted lender network follow the regulatory provisions of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Their lending policies also strictly adhere to the guidelines expressed in the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Financial Protection Act (CFPA).

We also require that every lender in our network openly share information on interest rates, fees, rollover changes, and any other relevant loan details before our clients sign any loan documents. These practices are mandated by the Truth in Lending Act and outlined by the CFPB. Consumers using to get a loan should file a complaint with the CFPB if they have any issues regarding a specific lender.

State Regulations

Many states have specific policies with regard to minimum and maximum loan amounts and loan repayment. Lenders in our network have pledged to follow all applicable state lending laws in addition to the federal regulations outlined in this document.

Debt Collection

Our network lenders are required to follow fair debt collection practices when collecting loan repayments. The Federal Trade Commission’s Fair Debt Collections Act states that lenders may not do any of the following:

  • Contact consumers via phone before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m.
  • Contact consumers via phone with the intent to harass or annoy, or use abusive language over the phone to belittle or threaten them
  • Attempt to collect debt through deception or misrepresentation
  • Threaten legal action when no such action is allowed

If any of our affiliate lenders violates the Fair Debt Collections Act, will immediately report that lender’s actions to the FTC and remove them from our network.

Late Payments

Though connects prospective borrowers to its network of lenders, each lender has their own specific late payment policy. These policies usually vary state by state. Make sure you read your lender’s late payment policy before you sign a loan document. Depending on the state, your lender may be able to offer helpful rollover and renewal options to extend your repayment period. Keep in mind that using renewal plans should only be done when absolutely necessary, as there are usually high costs involved that will add to your loan amount.


Each individual lender in our network has their own policy regarding non-repayment. Depending on their policy, a lender may charge extra fees or seek criminal charges if you are unable to repay your loan in full. All of the lenders we work with conduct debt collection in strict accordance with FTC policy and state lending laws.

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