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Birds Fall From Sky

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Birds falling from the sky may sound unusual, but it is a fairly common occurrence. There have been many account of flocks of birds falling, unexplained, from the sky; each case is different and scientists have indicated several different potential causes, including collisions, weather conditions, disease, and climate change. Birds are fascinating creatures with many unique characteristics, looking closer at birds and this phenomenon may provide scientists with more information about why sometimes birds fall from the sky.

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It’s Raining Birds – A video account of a strange phenomenon of thousands of birds falling from the sky.

Which Species of Bird May Be Prone to Falling Out of the Sky?

There isn’t a specific species of bird that is prone to falling dead out of the sky. Several difference species have displayed such behavior, including the blackbird, sparrow, and finch. One thing that these instances do have in common is that it is typically a large flock of birds that drop dead all simultaneously. Flocks ranging in size from a dozen to several thousand have all displayed such behavior in many different regions of the world. There are several theories on what may cause birds to fall from the sky.

Possible Causes of Bird Falling From Sky

Bird’s unique biology allows them to fly, but also can cause them to fall. For instance if bird feathers become soaked in many cases they cannot maintain flight and will actually fall very quickly. This may be the case when large number of birds are found dead after a sever storm. Birds also fly between different air currents; they can quickly become frozen and unable to maintain flight. As is true with any creature there can also be natural causes; it is not uncommon for birds to experience health problems midair that result in death. Some scientists speculate the presence of an avian disease or disorder that causes birds to fall from the sky.

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Dozens of Birds Dead in Quebec City – Dozens of birds dropped dead in Quebec City without cause, although a gas leak was suspected.

Some instances suggest that the birds may have contracted an avian disease that quickly spread through the flock. In one instance of birds falling from the sky in Australia in 2007, some witnesses claimed that the birds were convulsing when they fell to the ground. When an autopsy was performed, the cause of death could not be determined. The next day, 60 birds

fell from the sky in Austin, Texas without any probable cause.

Birds Fall from Sky in Australia, Then Texas – More information about the bazaar instance of birds falling dead from the sky without any explanation.

‘Drunk’ Birds Fall from Sky – Bird fall out of the sky after becoming ill after eating wild berries.

Birds Fall from Sky Due to Starvation – Starvation may be one of the causes of birds falling from the sky.

Lab Seeks Clues in Bird Deaths – Scientists struggle to find the cause of death in thousands of birds that dropped dead in Arkansas.

A Higher Power?

There is something iconic about the idea of something alive and well suddenly falling in midair. Many myths involve the idea of birds, or winged being in general, falling from the sky. In mythology, this is often attributed to God, or nature responding to mankind’s behaviors with disapproval.

Some groups speculate that such phenomena are warnings from a higher power. With a resemblance to the plagues of ancient Egypt, incidences of insects and animals, including birds, falling from the sky cause uneasiness, because it may be a sign that something in nature is out of balance. Some believe that a higher power may influence the natural balance.

Remember God – Falling Birds put humans on alert because the presence of a higher power or natural unrest by be indicated by such phenomenon.

Bird fall from Sky in Louisiana – 500 birds fell from the sky with unexplained trauma.

Falling Birds: Apocalypse or Accident – Information about scientists findings and other opinions regarding birds falling unexplained from the sky.

Hundreds of Seagulls Found Dead in Western Australia – At least 200 seagulls were found dead on the western coast of Australia, the cause if unknown.

Falling Birds – Recently, a massive flock of birds fall out of the sky mysteriously in Arkansas.

75 Starlings Fall from Sky – In one instance, 75 starlings dropped dead out of the sky in Britain.

Dead Birds Fall From Sky

On local and national news stations, we are sometimes caught off-guard by a bazaar and fascinating story. Recently, the news outlets have been abuzz with a weird news story about birds fall from the sky unexplainably. Scientists have studies this bazaar phenomenon, most recently in Arkansas, when 5,000 blackbirds dropped dead out of the sky without cause. Some scientists and orinithological specialists theorize that a turbulent thunderstorm may have been the source, flinging the birds into the air, disorienting them, and then chilling them enough to cause the birds to expire. Other theories and incidents have theorized starvation, poisoning, climate change, and other causes. The following collection is a list of links related to the phenomenon of birds falling from the sky and the aftermath of such events.

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