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On April 16,2015 at 4:30 Pm I received a call from a man that asked for a Krista that lived there. I said she's not here, he went on to say there was a complaint filed against her, there would be a court summons and she'd have to appear in court. I asked by who was this complaint filed by, he said I'm sorry I can't give that information out. Hum. but gave out all the other details that were more important then the name of the person filing? I asked for his name which he said was Taylor Russell and he worked for US Processing Service out of Newark NJ. He gave me my file number.

I called the 855-313-5797 and spoke with A\Alexis Anderson from Brockton Moore Consulting out of Marietta, California or so she said that's where she was at.

She told me I either started a phone service back in 2005 or ended one and I owed a 629.00 bill. I said I had a cell phone but canceled the contract due to no service in my area. She said I do see here that account was closed. I said yes it was so why are you calling me 8 years later as I canceled that in 2007. She said because you owe Telco Communications 629.00. I said no I don't. I was shaking and sick to my stomach. I thought I'm going to court, and I'm being sued. I'm disabled and can't afford an attorney and

told her that.

She said I'll give you 24 hours. I said I can't pay this. She said if I don't hear back in 24 hours Telco will proceed with the civil suit against me, when I lose I'll have to pay an additional 2500.00 and it will stay on my record for 10 years. She went on to say they can garnish my wages, garnish my bank account and attach leans to my property.

At this point I'm in tears and very upset. I'm on disability and said you called me at 4:30 and now give me 24 hours. I need to call an SSI attorney so please give me time. She said well you have 24 hours.

I said  I just had my credit report pulled and there's nothing on all 3 reporting agency's about a phone debt or any other debt that is negative. I said surely if  I owed this it would have been reported to the credit agencies. She said some times there not. I said no, there always reported to the 3 credit reporting agencies.

I think this is a scam or some things wrong. I was going to pay it but after researching and finding others that had the same thing happen I'm not. The woman sounded very professional and knew the first 5 of my ss number. My address and full name. That is scary if this is a scam.

Caller: Brockton Moore Consulting

Call Type: Debt Collector

Category: Payday loans

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