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"Gentlemen, oil is the blood of our world. Without it, we die. Time to make sure it keeps flowing. " —The Elephant when offering the heist.

Big Oil is a two-day heist in PAYDAY 2 .


  1. Locate the safe.
  2. Break into the safe and find the documents.
  3. Escape.

Optional objectives
  1. Locate additional intel.
  2. Locate additional loot.

The group start outside of the headquarters of the Overkill MC. who are a group of bikers that have access to information on the location of the scientist's villa.

The group must enter the premises and eliminate the bikers. The group can attempt to silently approach the buildings or assault them.


There are always 12 bikers during the first day of this heist. Of those, there are always 3 moving guards, with the other 9 staying in the same spot throughout the entire day (not tested on death wish). The bikers are holding onto 3 separate optional assets to assist on Day 2. These assets are located on three tables in the house: the side room connected to the garage via the stairs on the first floor, the second floor landing is right next to a table, and the final piece is located on the balcony. As soon as the bikers are alerted, bikers located near the tables will move toward the table and begin to light the asset on fire. Once the biker starts the animation, you have about 1 second to shoot the biker and prevent the immolation of the asset. On a stealth assault, one could take out all the bikers and collect the intel without losing any. Going loud, a team can assign target zones to each member to take out and control to find the intel.

The often missed point on Day 1 is the massive amount of loot often hidden in the house. This is often where the majority of the mission payout is located. First, to the right of the garage, by the stairs going up into the front room, there is a locked door that can be picked or shot open. Inside of this room, there are a large number of ATM's. One team member should bring the OVE9000 saw in case a high payout is desired. One can also bring an ECM jammer as they can also open ATMs, albeit less efficiently.

Additionally, the front room of the house often contains weapon caches and possibly cocaine, while the top floor can contain more weapon caches and money. The storage sheds around the border of the property can also contain weapon caches. These can be collected and returned to your escape van or boat for additional money. If the police have been alerted, then it is best to move the bags to the van as soon as possible before they arrive. Otherwise, the loot must be moved to the escape point while the group is under fire. Additional weapon cases can also appear in the room with ATMs and on the balcony.

  • As of Update #42. Day 1 will take place either in the day or at night.
  • Mines may be present in certain areas surrounding the house, moving near to one will cause a brief "detection"

    effect (similar to when NPCs and cameras see the player in stealth) before exploding.

  • The fences surrounding the house can be electrified, causing you to be tased on contact. To check if it's the case without alerting the bikers, take out a silenced weapon, face away from the house and move backwards into the fence.
  • The doors around the house may be booby trapped with flash bangs - it is impossible to tell until the door is opened.
  • There may be random weapon cases around the house (the same ones seen in Firestarter  Day 1).
  • There may be a drug deal happening with the Cobra Street Gang in the front of the house. If this happens then there will be 4 bags of cocaine downstairs and 1 bag of money up stairs.
  • There may be a Doctor Bag on the balcony, next to the radio.
  • There are seven distinct pieces of intel (three of them are randomly selected to exist on Day 1):
  1. Blueprints – A map of Day 2, showing four points of entry.
  2. Intel (guard) – A picture of two circled guards.
  3. Intel (codes) – Shutter codes for the house. Note that you can toggle them on or off.
  4. Intel (scientist) – A picture of the scientist in the lab, Mr. Rossy .
  5. Intel (engine prototype) – A classified piece of paper indicating which the gas and electrodes the reactor uses.
  6. Plane keys – Allows the crew to escape via the small plane as soon as the correct reactor is delivered and verified; faster than waiting for the helicopter to return.
  7. GenSec keycard – Unlocks any of the three possible server rooms; one-time use.

Tips Note: Police are only alerted to the sound of unsuppressed weaponry, e.g. enemy gunfire, loud saws or silent saws striking a surface and mines.
  • Shooting a camera causes the biker watching the security cameras to be alerted immediately, as long as bikers in the camera room on the second floor are alive. There is usually another way around if one path to the house has too many cameras. If the camera guy is alerted he will set off the mines surrounding the house, causing the neighbors to call the cops (bypassing any ECM Jammers placed).
  • An easy way to stealth this day is to use the Deagle with at least these 3 modifications:
    • Standard Issue Suppressor or Monolith
    • Extended Mag
    • Start from the garage and work your way up through the building clearing each floor fast and carefully. Try not to break any windows as it will alert the other bikers and they will attempt to burn the assets.
    • If you are playing on Death Wish. then it is recommended to have Gunslinger  aced while using the Deagle. If you cannot get the skill, then use a silenced automatic weapon, like the STRYK 18c , Swedish K , Kobus 90 , SpecOps  or any other SMG available at hand
  • The bikers will attempt to call the police if they should get alerted by suspicious activities (such as Drills. corpses, broken windows, kills without Shinobi Aced /Hidden Blade Aced  etc.). payday atm

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