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Payday bars

Okay, so it’s official: candy corn is magical. They look like unicorn horns for a reason, methinks. Just adding simple ingredients to candy corn makes it taste like something else entirely.

Like…if you add peanuts to candy corn you get a PayDay Candy Bar. And, if you add candy corn and peanuts to peanut butter fudge, it tastes like PayDay Fudge. If that’s not unicorn magic, I don’t know what is.

So, today is one of those days where I’m looking at you with a little smirky know-it-all smile. You’re looking back at me and thinking what does she know that I don’t?

Then, if we were actually together in this scenario, you’d think…did she change her hair? Get her teeth whitened? Lose 10 lbs? And, meanwhile, I’d just continue to smile at you until you figured out the change.

Since by “we” in this situation I mean you and my blog, well, then it might be a little harder. If you’re a regular you may have noticed right away but…no my blog didn’t get her hair cut. And she’s been working out, but that last 10lb is really sticking. What’s the change?

Crazy for Crust has a whole new look!

I’m super excited about the changes. I’ve been waiting for about 7 months for a redesign and it’s finally happened. The wonderful and amazing Lindsay at PURR Design has totally re-done my look, from the logo to the framework. Today, my blog finally grew up.

I’ll be going over the finer points of

the design and pointing out some cool features in a future post (as part of my upcoming Blogging Series) but in the meantime, browse around, see how it works. And if you find anything wonky, please just let me know!

In the meantime, let’s celebrate with FUDGE!

Candy Corn is baaaaack. You’ve probably seen it. Obviously the people in Roseville, CA are addicted to it because Walmart was completely sold out yesterday.


I’m not a huge just-eat-candy-corn fan. Honestly, alone, it’s kid of boring. But candy corn is truly magical – when you mix it with certain other foods it totally changes the flavor.

Melt it with peanut butter and you get Butterfingers. #truestory

And, when you mix it with peanuts, you get PayDay Candy Bars! You can eat it alone to get the effect, or use the two ingredients to make something else. I actually have a recipe for PayDay Rice Krispie Treats in my book and today I’m sharing PayDay Fudge.

I’m telling you – it’s magical!

This is an easy fudge recipe. Only 6 ingredients! Simply melt white chocolate and peanut butter with sweetened condensed milk. That’s the base of your fudge. Then, before spreading it in the pan you add peanuts and candy corn. I’m not joking – this comes together in about 15 minutes. The hardest part is waiting for the fudge to set!

I won’t tell if you eat it before it turns into fudge if you won’t.

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