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Several people have mentioned that they were not finding the link to the lender I use, so I’m putting the link here to make it easier. My preferred lender: Payday Lender

Why You Should Use A Lender Versus A Broker

To start with, let me mention the difference between a lender and a broker. A lender is the direct supplier of the loan. They are the people with the money, and ones you will truly be doing business with. Whereas a broker is someone who makes a commission by FINDING you a loan.

Brokers do not work in your favor. The more you pay, the higher their commission. For me, I was able to save a whole a couple hundred bucks, just by excluding the broker from the deal. Their commission didn’t need to be paid, so I got to keep that money!

Many people may think it will be hard to find a reputable lender, but it’s not as tough as you would

think. Generally, the bigger the lender, the easier the application, and the more secure the lending process.

I simply looked up the top 5 lenders, and applied to them all to see what they could do for me. I would advise you to do the same, if you need cash, but you don’t have to because I already have and can share who I found to be the best for my needs.

In my opinion, there was no one better than ‘100 Day Loans ‘. They are a big firm and deal out MANY thousands of loans a year. Easily. The rates were excellent, and the application process was VERY fast. And I was fortunately able to get cash in hand in only a couple hours .

Do some research, on who you would like to use, or use who I did. But for your own sake, avoid the brokers!

If you want to use who I did, then you can go here: 100 Day Loans

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