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Payday candy bar

payday candy bar


Girl Scout Law Awards

Honest and fair - the TRUTH award (baby RUTH bar)

Friendly and helpful - the full of JOY award (almond JOY bar)

Considerate and caring - the HUGS award

Courageous and strong - the John HENRY award (oh HENRY bar)

Responsible for what I say and DO - DOnuts (small box from the supermarket)

Respect myself and others - because you're SPECIAL (SPECIAL dark bar)

Respect authority - adults like MR GOODBAR

Use resources wisely - the ZERO waste award

Make the world a better place - so you can go camping and enjoy S'MORES (S'MORES bar)

Be a sister to every GS - JUNIOR mints (with the other GS levels written on the box also)


Kudos bars - Kudos to you

Nestlй’s Treasures - You are a treasure to us, A treasure to have in the troop

100 Grand - and a million thanks. to pay for extra-hard work, to pay volunteers

Milky Way or Mars bars - You’re Out of This World

M&Ms - Magnificent & Marvelous Award

Hugs and Kisses - the affectionate one

Caramello - sweet and easy-going

Kit Kat - our "give me a break" award. For the girl who asks every meeting, "What are we making today?"

Jolly Rancher - great camper, positive attitude

Dove - peacemaker

Slo Poke - always the last one done

Starburst - our budding actress, Star of the Show

Skittles - "rainbow" of colorful, creative ideas

Butterfinger - crafter (the smooth way she uses her hands)

Symphony - song leader

Peanut M&M's - small, sweet, and a little nutty

M&Ms - Someone with lots of "M's" (model, Melissa, March birthday, etc.)

Snickers - Nutty, "nuts" about Boy Bands

Skittles - Rainbow of creative ideas, great ideas, colors of clothing

Lifesavers - First to finish and help others

You were a Life Saver this year

Bit-O-Honey - Sweet, kind, never complaining

Nutrageous - Contageous laughter, always smiling and giggling, keeps atmosphere light and cheerful.

Whatchamacallit - forgets the names of things

Whoppers - best story telling, biggest ideas

Smarties - Smart ideas

Mounds - earned mounds of badges, making mounds of

difference for girls

Candy egg - a good egg

Bonkers - a little crazy

Gummy Bears - loveable

Bit-o-honey - someone very sweet

Krackle - cracks you up

Laffy taffy - always laughing

Mr (Miss) Goodbar - Good citizen/friendship

Nestles Crunch - can always count on in a crunch

Ouch bubble gum - always getting hurt (biggest boo-boo of the year)

Skor - athletes

Teddy Grahams - huggable

Spree - celebrate being the newest in the troop

Sweet tarts - someone sweet and sassy

Carefree gum - Easy going and carefree

3 Musketeers - always with the group or for the 3 that always stick together

Animal Crackers - love of animals

Candy bracelet watch - for always being late


Zest soap—You add zest to our program

Quik drink mix—Thanks for being so QUIK to help out!

Equal sweetener—When it comes to reaching kids, you have no equal.

Sugar substitute—There's no substitute for you!

Slice soft drink—You're an important slice of our pie; we wouldn't be whole without you!

Gatorade drink—You quench kids' thirst for _____!

Kool-Aid packet—You're a cool aid!

Mountain Dew soft drink—You do so much for kids!

7UP soft drink—(List 7 reasons you're up about them or their


Crush soft drink—In a crush, I can depend on you!

Peanuts—We're nuts about you! Thanks for bringing kids out of their shell.

Seasoning packets—You add spice to our program!

Candles—You share light with so many.

Bugles snacks—Thanks for proclaiming _______!

Animal crackers—This place would be a zoo without you.

Fat-Free Newtons cookies—Thanks for trimming the fat from our program.

Pretzels—We'd be in knots without you.

Party mix—Thanks for joining our party! You add a new flavor.

Bottled water—You haven't bottled up the living water.

Energizer battery—Thanks, you keep on going and going!

Halls cough drops—You belong in Girl Scouts halls of fame!

Small mirror—You're a reflection of your love!

Rubber bands—Thanks for being flexible!

Heart-shaped soap—I appreciate your heart for children.

Band-Aid adhesive strips—Thanks for coming to our aid!

Cotton swabs—This is just the tip of our thanks!

Hanger—You're getting the hang of it;

Light bulbs—You've got great ideas!

Glue or tape—Thanks for sticking with us!

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