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Payday cash loans uk

payday cash loans uk

Welcome to wizzcash .com! We offer short term loans to cover your short term cash needs. With a competitive rate of 993% APR we also happen to be one of the cheapest lenders you’ll find - with the added bonus of a flexible 3 month or 12 month repayment plan. Whether you need a cash injection for a car repair or a plumbing disaster, we’ve got the emergency funds to see you through a tight spot.

wizzcash .com is an innovative online money lender offering payday loans and payday loan alternatives of up to £1,000. You’ll receive your cash in one lump sum without complicated paperwork or lengthy queues. Our quick and easy online application also means you can apply for money from the privacy of your own home. We pride ourselves on plain-dealing so you can apply for a 3 month or 12 month loan and repay in equal monthly instalments – or sooner, as there are no early payback fees.

We’re lenders with a conscience. Before approving your loan we’ll carry out a credit check and an affordability check to only approve loans to those who can afford them. You can be as confident as we are that repayments will be made promptly and the loan cleared fast. Unlike other lenders, we don’t see the benefit of squeezing any extra money out of you by prolonging the debt period with minimum repayment options or by tempting you to take out more money than you need. Nor will we catch you out with technical jargon or hidden costs. Straightforward, sensible solutions are what we excel at.

*Subject to affordability and credit checks.*

An instalment loan is traditionally repaid over a limited period of time with a set number of scheduled payments. It differs from payday loans in that there is no expectation that borrowers will have to pay back the loan in one lump sum. Instalment loans often give borrowers a longer period of time to repay what they owe too.

wizzcash .com offers instalment loans of up to £300 on your first loan and up to £1,000 on repeat loans. Instalments loans from wizzcash .com are repaid over 3 months or 12 months. You’ll receive your money in one lump sum and

pay back an equal amount, each month, until the loan period is over and your balance is cleared. Remember, if you wish to pay it back early, there are no extra charges.

Applying for an instalment loan at wizzcash .com is a 100% online process and takes only minutes to complete. You’ll see clearly how much you’re expected to repay – and when – before committing yourself to the loan. Next, provide us with your details and you'll find out quickly whether or not you have been approved for a loan. If you have, you could see the money in your account later that day!

wizzcash .com is committed to being a responsible lender. We put all our candidates through a credit check and only approve loans for those who can afford them. You’ll also need to ensure you meet the criteria below:

· Minimum 20 years of age

· UK Resident

· In current employment and take home a minimum of £750 a month

wizzcash .com offers a viable alternative to payday loans. Like you, we’ve been reading a lot about payday loans companies in the papers, their high APR and particularly their poor lending criteria, which often encourages a dangerous spiral of debt for many borrowers. In recent years payday loans companies have also become synonymous with aggressive debt collection policies. Many people are pressured into taking out another loan just to pay off the cash they owe on their existing one. And then there’s the inflexible 30-day repayment schedule. It’s a big ask to pay back a loan in just one month and the sad truth is that most people simply can’t afford to. The result? Revolving credit and no chance of ever clearing the debt. That’s not us.

In short, we’re competitive, convenient and completely committed to responsible lending so would still encourage you to use sensible alternatives if they’re available. Think about trying a credit union if you’re a member, or using an authorised overdraft if you have space on it. Credit card funding, a company loan or simply friends and family could all still be a cheaper option. However, if you’ve exhausted all of these we’re pleased to offer wizzcash .com as a viable, responsible alternative.

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