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IntelleCash is a Non-Banking Finance Company (NBFC) launched in 2008 to provide incubation services to start-up MFIs. IntelleCash has provided wholesale lending and capacity building services to MFIs in India, Africa, and Asia, and it currently operates its own retail lending program in Bihar. The 31 MFIs incubated by IntelleCash have disbursed micro-loans amounting to USD 125 million to over 700,000 borrowers. IntelleCash seeks to play an active role in the consolidation of the microfinance industry in India while continuing to provide value added operational and strategic consulting services to MFIs across the globe.

IntelleCash is a subsidiary of the leading advisory firm Intellecap that works at the intersection of the private sector and development. It provides consulting and investment banking services driven by innovative thought processes, to Business and Development communities globally, helping them bring entrepreneurship solutions to development challenges at the Base of the Pyramid and

beyond. Intellecap's interventions are designed to catalyze initiatives for both large corporate and social entrepreneurs in pursuit of rapid global development. Over the years Intellecap has completed over 175 consulting projects, intermediated investment capital in excess of US $ 200 million, and launched 10 significant initiatives with the potential to influence the role of entrepreneurship in the field of development.

Michael and Susan Dell Foundation:

Michael and Susan Dell Foundation India focuses on urban programs that foster high-quality education and childhood health, and improve family economic stability among India's urban poor, including an estimated 7.6 million children living in slums nationwide. Their goals in India are to seek immediate positive impact on the lives of individual children they work with, and to catalyze systemic change. To those ends, they partner with a range of stakeholders, including governments, businesses, NGOs, implementation experts, community organizations and other philanthropies.

India Financial Inclusion Fund

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