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Upon playing about 25 hours with my friends I think it´s time for a rundown.

Let´s start with the good things:

- Incredibly Upon playing about 25 hours with my friends I think it´s time for a rundown.

Let´s start with the good things:

- Incredibly Atmospheric: The music is some of the best I heard in a while and it really makes you feel the intensity of the battle and the quiet moments + the music at the end of a completed heist makes you really feel like a smart gangster.

- Great Leveldesign: For people who say they hate that this game is only shooting, you aren´t really that right. There are more then one way for a lot of the missions. For Example Mercy Hospital, you can go in and play a game of chance with the Teddybear Chainsaw (shooting) or hold people hostage, shoot down the cameras, dress up as Doctors and get the blood from him without even killing one person and there are more examples, some are really just shoot missions but incredibly stylistic.

- Customization: While it takes some time to get all of the items it is not really annoying because you always have a reason to do what you do as a player since every mission should be 1-2 Levels up. Plus the Items really differ, from Health Packs to Sentry Guns or Shotgun to SMG you got it, except Sniper Riffle but why would you snipe on a heist?

- Great Co-Op experience: This is the most important point, you need to have 3 to 4 people playing this game

with you and a Teampseak or Skype Server but if you do, oh my is this game fun. You really need to come up with a strategy if you want to do Achievements or beat the Overkill difficulty, and only one of you needs the DLC so that everyone can play (You still don´t have the Technician class but what counts are the maps). And if you don´t have friends, or they don´t like Videogames, there probably are some cool people you can meet on the Internet.

But there are also some bad things about this game:

- No Explanation: Until I figured out I was able to Change my Class (Tab + 1-3) I was already level 11 and even if I love the level design you can get easily lost, you will be right on your track a few seconds later but nontheless annoying.

- Unrealistic: While you have the feeling of being an amazing sophisticated Robber, you really start wondering if you just killed the entire Police department of. the USA and I don´t know but it just bugs me that the enemies are so numerous but so weak.

- Difficulty: It is always challenging which is a good thing but sometimes the game just feels to pull out a **** you Card by letting a Spec Ops leap into you from above and knocking out 1-3 People instantly.

Resume: Payday is an incredibly immersive and fun Co-Op Shooter which has tons of replay value and variety but has some problems here and there. All in all, definitely worth to check out if you have friends … Expand

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