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Payday condos park city utah

payday condos park city utah


America's Largest Single Ski and Snowboard Resort

Located in the heart of Park City, Utah, only a 35-minute drive from Salt Lake City International Airport, Park City is home to over 7,300 skiable acres with a good mix of beginner, intermediate and advanced terrain. During Summer 2015, the Resort undertook the largest resort improvement project in the history of American skiing, one that linked it with neighbor Canyons Resort to create the United States’ largest ski area. Park City bustles with activities year-round with two distinct base areas, nine hotels, thrilling family adventures, and more than two dozen restaurants.

Reviews & Tips (156)

1st time visiting for my wife and myself during 1st week of April. Base report of 82 inches was misleading-Resort staff that the base is measured at top of mountain-where few people go-there was barely enough snow on the runs for skiing and they "closed" one of the main lifts due to wind-despite seeing certain people allowed to ride the lift up still; don't understand how that works. Everything too expensive for what you receive. For comparable skiing and money, Colorado resorts are probably a better value. I would invest the time for Park City skiing again if somebody else was investing the money.

steven (Advanced Skier) on Apr 20 2014

After going 15 times this season and hitting 7 different ski resorts in Utah, I was a little apprehensive of going one more time this late in the season (April 14), because of possible poor snow conditions. There's nothing better than a foot of cold, dry fluffy powder that flies past your face, but you only get this in typically in January, February and maybe March, but I was amazed how much snow there was this late in the season at Park City, and even though it was a tad icy in the morning and a bit slushy in the late afternoon, it was an awesome day! Utah has the BEST snow in the world! Don't be afraid to snowboard this late in the season! I would not have gone had I not been able to purchase a discounted pass on Liftopia. I'm cheap!

Kevin Olsen (Advanced Snowboarder) on Apr 19 2014

Check out the McConkey's area. Georgeanna is a great warmup run, and you can cut through the trees to the left, just a bit before the run doubles back on itself, and rejoin the run down below. Powder Monkey is super fun - lots of dips and bumps to keep you on your toes. From Payday and Blanche on down, it's pretty slushy, so stay above them if you can.

Stephanie (Intermediate Skier) on Apr 09 2014

My wife is a beginner skier. She couldn't navigate the steep "Quitin' Time" run down to the town lift, and was fearful riding the life downhill. If you can't ski ungroomed blue runs, it's better to park at the base than take the town lift. King Con lift to the variety of blue runs was great in the afternoon. April skiing was awesome at Park City!

Jim (Intermediate Skier) on Apr 08 2014

Thanks to Liftopia we were able to make it to PCMR for a day with 5" fresh. Go direct to McConkey bowl in the am, good stuff. Rode park at 3 kings till almost 8 kids got to meet actual pro riders in the park very inspirational. Definitely would go again.

Jimmy (Advanced Skier) on Mar 11 2014

Don’t go there when there is no powder or when the snow is not plentiful. Very short and sometimes icy runs. Trails are not very well marked. Overall we were not impressed and would rather ski in Deer valley or Canyons.

Yury (Intermediate Skier) on Feb 26 2014

Park City (Utah) has the best snow on earth, champagne powder at its finest; it's light, fluffy. When it snows, it dumps in Park City. Additionally, the resort is convenient from the airport - you can be on the slopes in 40-45 minutes. Park City is always my first choice when it comes to snowboarding in North America.

fva321 (Advanced Snowboarder) on Feb 14 2014

I've been to both Caynons and Park City and find Park City much more enjoyable. Stay in the resort condos if your group is small enough, otherwise find a ski-in-out near the resort. It's limited but can be found. Otherwise stay near a bus stop. The public transportation in Park City is well-planned and has buses running often.

fva321 (Advanced Snowboarder) on Feb 14 2014

Park City has a great variety of terrain. Explore the entire mountain within your ability to ski/snowboard. I find that a lot of people stay on the Silverlode lifts and ride the same trails over and over again. This mountain is huge and there are tons of trails to ride for all levels (though mostly blues and blacks). McConkey's is one of my favorite areas followed by the King Con, Motherlode and Thaynes. Check out Jupiter Bowl on a pow day.

fva321 (Advanced Snowboarder) on Feb 14 2014

Awesome place===little guys never got altitude sickness like they do at Breck===great greens for the beginners in the group====fun blues for the big guys===night skiing was BLAST

MZ (Intermediate Skier) on Feb 06 2014

Make sure you go to Deer Valley! Every ski mountain could learn a thing or two about customer service from that place. Park City was fantastic, but I got pretty pissed about this new fast pass stuff where persons who pay extra up the lift faster. What a bunch of B.S. but other than that it was great. The town really has fantastic bus system, so you really do not need a car to stay in town.

Martin Donohue (Advanced Skier) on Dec 31 2013

PCMR easy to navigate with wide open terrain. Did not enjoy Deer Valley runs as too narrow and just like roads on the green slopes. Bus shuttles were great and everyone helpful.

Joyce (Intermediate Skier) on Dec 28 2013

CONS: If you're renting gear from PCMR (@ the Legacy Lodge,) be prepared for a little time to get your paperwork/fitting completed- in other words, don't go fully dressed and ready to ski otherwise you WILL overheat while waiting to complete the process. Also, they provide free overnight storage which is great, but charge you $6 per day/night to store your boots. Using Liftopia, we only had the option to order 3 separate day lift tix w/rental gear rather than 3 consecutive days of lift tix w/rental gear- therefore having to go pick up new lift tix everyday while having to store/get new rental vouchers everyday to show payment of our original rental equipment- a little annoying. Otherwise, extremely happy with our first experience at PCMR. PROS: All the employees were friendly, interested, and cared about our experiences. Snow, lifts, runs, staff were awesome, WILL DEFINITELY USE LIFTOPIA AGAIN AND HIGHLY RECOMMEND PCMR! The runs were groomed to perfection, never iced over, WIDE & OPEN w/plenty of room to roam. Can't say enough good things about our early December ski trip. Will definitely be back.

Bill & Maddie (Intermediate Skier) on Dec 16 2013

I fell in love with PCMR on my first visit during Thanksgiving week 1997. There was a great base already and we got a nice dump on Thanksgiving Day! My subsequent visits to Park City and Little Cottonwood Canyon (Alta /Snowbird) were equally impressive- great powder. In contrast, I experienced very poor snow conditions during Thanksgiving 2012 in Aspen.

SFlaSkier (Intermediate Skier) on Oct 16 2013

Don't overlook the Pioneer lift next to McConkey's - no one goes on it and it has some great tree skiing off the "10th Mountain" trail and Blue Slip bowl - you can find freshies here for days after a pow storm while Jupiter and McConkey's get skiied off. The Mothelode lift is also overlooked and has some awesome terrain like Mothelode Meadows tree skiing - the crowds just don't come here probablly becauses it's not a highspeed quad, and that's a good thing!

Davey B. (Advanced Skier) on Apr 16 2013

Had a great time at Canyons and Park City with the Liftopia tickets. Easy to purchase. For something really different on a day off with the family, I highly recommend you make a reservation for a 40 minute swim at the Homestead Crater. It is about 30 minutes away in driving from Park City. This is something very unique. and I do not believe anywhere in the U.S.

Stefan (Advanced Skier) on Apr 07 2013

We skied one day at park city - bought fast passes to get as much skiing in as possible. Liftopia was great - but BE AWARE: you must use the passes on the day you have purchased, even if someone is hurt and cant ski. In our case my son broke his arm the previous day and could not go out on the mountain. I frankly did not try to convince the ticket office to refund as the rules are pretty clear. I did find a dad on his way to buy a ticket for his child and it worked out well for both of us. The price on liftopia is much better than walking up to the window but it may be for not if you cant use the tickets. RE FAST PASS - it was great for the morning, but after that the lines were really short so it did not make any difference. I can see how it would really help during heavy use days though.

K in TX (Intermediate Skier) on Mar 20 2013

Great savings with Liftopia 3 (or 4,5,6) of 7 days lift tickets. Make sure, that starting and ending dates on your tickets are within your desirable ski days. They will not let you ski any other days in the Park City than your purchased dates. I saw a guy at the office window who unsuccessfully tried to convince a cashier to give him a 2-day ticket (he bought 2 one-day passes with the same date). Skiing in Park City at the end of the season wasnt as much fun as we expected. It was too warm (up to 50F!). The ski trails had lots of ice patches and slushy areas, so your speed would suddenly change from a very high speed to almost complete stop. Didnt go to Deer Valley. We heard from many skiers and locals that park has way too many green trails and not enough others.

E (Advanced Skier) on Mar 18 2013

Having a great trip to Park City Resort and The Canyons. Purchased lift tickets for both resorts for a great price on Liftopia. It is late in the season and the snow is becoming slush but it is still holding up pretty well. One word of warning. Be careful about purchasing "One Day Passes" for Park City Resort that show a date range (stating that they can be used any time between two dates.) One of the people at the ticket window told me that all lift tickets are date specific. She let me slide. but told me that there are no passes that can be used over a date range at Park City.

DEADPOOL (Intermediate Snowboarder) on Mar 15 2013

First time Liftopia user and Park City visitor. Would do both again willingly and happily. Huge variety of terrain with many options available from virtualy every lift, many of which are high speed quad or better. The Legacy Lodge offers tremendous variety of food just avoid the noon hour. Rented from Park City Sports at the base near baja Cantina - great staff, very helpful, and can leave skis there overnight. Can't wait until 2014!

Mike (Intermediate Skier) on Mar 14 2013

As a snowboarder, this was absolutely the worst place I have ever boarded. The most moguls, the worst trees (If you even want to consider them to be trees) they looked like naked twigs, and way too many people. Absolutely terrible experience.

Jay (Intermediate Snowboarder) on Mar 12 2013

Liftopia was super easy to use online. Once there at the Park City Mountain, my group and I were able to ski right down to the "Old Town" chair lift area from our condo, redeem our ski passes with the confirmation # from the receipt, and then get right on the chair lift. The 4 of 7 day Liftopia discounted tickets for $61/day were a great bargain! We'll definitely use liftopia again. )

Ed Sosnowski (Advanced Skier) on Feb 25 2013

Liftopia was super easy to use, even though I forgot to bring my print out, PCMR was able to use the confirmation on my phone with no problem. Ski Silverlode Chair early in the day as it gets crowded in the afternoon.

Deb (Advanced Skier) on Feb 22 2013

The 4 of 7 day Liftopia discounted tickets for $61/day were a great bargain! We liked Park City the best of the 3 mountains in the area. Great signage and variety of runs. We took a Mountain Host Tour which I would recommend. We will definitely use Liftopia again!

Francine (Advanced Skier) on Feb 10 2013

First time at PCMR and absolutely loved it. Spent 2 days (2/1/13 & 2/2/13) there and the conditions were excellent. Lots of POW, hardly any ice. We loved the terrain and spent lots of time in glades. We were at least 3 foot deep in some areas. Arrive early for prime parking and no lift lines. The only PIA was accessing the Bonanza lift. I had to unstrap and/or grab onto a skier with poles due to flats in between. We didn't spend much time in the most eastern zone. The lifts can be difficult to navigate but it's well worth the time spent studying. We will definitely return. Highly recommended!

Naomi (Intermediate Snowboarder) on Feb 06 2013

5th time in PC & 1st time dealing with Liftopia. No complaints, everything went smooth. Will definately get my tickets thru Liftopia next trip.

Frank (Intermediate Snowboarder) on Feb 05 2013

Ski early in the morning if you like groomed runs on the King Con lift side but by 11 am it is extremely crowded over there and the McConkey 6 pack lift side is a much better option for a lot of the rest of the day if their intermediate and lower black runs have been groomed.

Matt Brand (Intermediate Skier) on Feb 04 2013

I use Liftopia every time for tickets! What a great service. We use the First Time lift to start our day skiing at PCMR. The lift is maybe 100 feet from the parking lot and you can get to anywhere on the mountain from there.

Overstreet Family (Beginner Skier) on Jan 13 2013

Fast trak at PCMR is a great buy. Only needed to use it a couple of times but it made what would have been a 15+ minute wait less than 5. Recommend using Jakes for rental equipment (right behind the ticket counters at PCMR). They were friendly and fast and the free overnight storage was money. No more lugging equipment back to the car and hotel!

Sean (Advanced Skier) on Jan 02 2013

Great savings with Liftopia. Learned to write ticket numbers down in safe keeping of all your tickets you purchase from Liftopia in case you lose your ticket like i did, Park City ticketing will need this number to re-issue the ticket due to the ticket being purchased by a outside source. I am very thankful to Park City for the re-issue of my 4 day ticket. Great Snow and fun just before Christmas.

Dan (Intermediate Skier) on Dec 24 2012

Even though mother nature has had her issues this year, as long as you are out and on the slopes early in the a.m. you can get a lot of skiing in! Lots of options to ski at all 3 resorts. Using the bus system is a no-brainer. we can't wait to return next year. The city itself has lots of character and eclectic shops. Lots of great deals at the outlet mall. Pearl Izumi & Columbia specifically. EVERYONE is friendly and will to assist with directions. Cheers.

Heather (Advanced Skier) on Apr 05 2012

Late season conditions weren't the best this past Tuesday, but I still had a good time. As the temperatures rose, it got pretty cruddy and I took a couple spills. No complaints, though, as it was April, not January. Of all the resorts I've been to, I love the lift system at Park City the best. I never had to wait more than a minute to get on a lift.

Brian (Intermediate Snowboarder) on Apr 05 2012

Our spring break is usually the last week in March or first week in April so we don't always expect snow conditions to be the best, but the last 5-6 years have had incredibly good snow at this time of year, so no complaints. With the light snow conditions this year, I recommend hitting the groomed slopes early, then when its skied off down to last night's frozen slush, either take a break or ski the lower trails. About 2:00pm hit the upper trails again as the crust will be thawed and ski Jonesy's and Bonanza lift, great cruising runs and no lift line. (Silverload lift usually gets pretty crowded). Viking Yurt is a unique watering hole, but you never know when they're open. Even PC guides don't know. Overall PC does a great job, specially moving the snow around to keep decent coverage on the slopes. We'll keep coming back and we love the easy access from the airport.

Steve Wesner (Intermediate Skier) on Apr 03 2012

I learned my lesson: no more skiing in Park City past March 15th It was way too warm March 27th,28th 29th nothing but dangerous slush don't pay any attention to dubious snow reports Park City mountain claimed 2" of fresh snow overnight on the 28th, but next morning 8:30 AM even at the summit there was not a drop of snow in the highest branches of the highest Pine Trees, made me wonder what mountain they were talking about- no credibility Lastly, there is no night skiing after March 25th

gary lesker (Intermediate Skier) on Mar 31 2012

Was on business from Mississippi but managed to get in one afternoon of skiiing on 3/21 and morning of 3/22. Hadn't been skiing in over 20 years but was able to get my ski legs back after taking the First-Timer lift. Definitely good skiing Wed afternoon and was able to multiple runs down Payday and Homerun without any problems. Not crowded at all and found that getting boots and equipment around 1pm was perfect. had the whole ski shop and personnel at Legacy Lodge to myself. Coming back to ski Thurs morning, the icy conditions at the bottom of the slopes was noticeable, so ended up taking the Bonanza lift after getting off Payday and found a great Blue ski run called Jonesey. Not difficult. but wide open with some rollers and lots of speed. Spend all thursday morning makeing runs on the upper half of the mountain and lifts never got crowded until just before lunch. then when everyone headed to lunch, you basically had the lifts to yourself. Didn't eat any meals at the resort because I'd heard they really gouged you on prices, but did take a couple snack breaks at the Legacy Lodge. All in all, great late March skiing for someone who hasn't skied in 20 years. Lift tickets and equipment rental from Liftopia for 2 days on the slopes was just over $150. Can't beat that deal.

Kevin (Beginner Skier) on Mar 26 2012

The Good - This was my first trip to PCMR. The first day I skied on my own and for awhile I was stuck doing laps on King Con Lift. I had to ask a host how to

get back to the Resort Base. On the 2nd day I took the 10am Complimentary Mountain Tour. The mountain host Amy S. (guide) was super great and when she was through it was easy for me to navigate the entire mountain. No charge for the tour, I just tipped the guide. Do yourself a favor - Take The Tour! Meet at the base of the Pay Day lift at 10. The Bad - Night skiing was not what I expected. The terrain park was open off of 3 Kings Lift (I'm not much of a park monkey). The green run was open off of First Time Lift (I'm not a leprechaun either). Then there was the Pay Day Lift. Although it serviced some great terrain, everything was roped off after 4pm except the Pay Day Run which is just a blue cruiser. That would be fine after dark, but from 4pm till 7pm in mid-March the sun is still up and there were alot of fine runs roped off after 4 - bummer! The Ugly - Mid-Mountain Restaurant has great food, but no real pricing choices - seems like every plate was 13 bucks. And $3.50 for a small coke, COME ON! I don't have a problem paying higher prices at an on-mountain restaurant, but I think they are pushing the envelope a little too hard in this area. All-in-All - Great mountain. Would I go again? - Definitely.

Ken (Advanced Skier) on Mar 24 2012

Lots of grass and rocks beginning to show. Snow is like ice cream, nice skiing, spring conditions, but the hill will need a good dump to make it much longer.

DAD (Advanced Skier) on Mar 15 2012

Great deal on lift tickets and ski equipment package from Liftopia however what they don't tell you is that when you purchase the package you have to get the equipment at the main lodge and you must use the ski equipment 4 days in a row not 4 of 7 days that the lift tickets alone give as an option. In other words, when you just purchase the lift tickets, 4 of 7 means any 4 days out of 7 days you can ski but if you buy the package with rentals you must use the rentals for 4 consecutive days! Liftopia need to be clear on that! Otherwise it is a great savings.

Vivian (Intermediate Skier) on Mar 11 2012

Had a fantastic time in PC, as always. Great fresh snow so late in the season. Was happy with my deal on the lift tickets - thanks!

Jan K (Advanced Skier) on Mar 06 2012

Park City was a blast a usual. Great snow with fresh flakes 2 of the 3 days we were there. For those who like the steep and deep I recommend the hike to the top of Jupiter Peak. Definitely something for everyone at Park City!

Erock (Advanced Snowboarder) on Feb 28 2012

we stayed slopeside for 4 days. the lifttopia passes made everything much easier. it snowed 8 inches the last day, it couldn't have been better. we only scratched the surface as far as getingto every trail. so much to do so little time. first time out of the poconos and worth every penny.

mikeyp31 (Intermediate Snowboarder) on Feb 24 2012

We happen to pick the week of the Sundance Film Festival. As a result, area rentals were occupied by film viewers making slope traffic very light and lift lines non-existent. We also found the mountain easy to navigate and to be multilevel skier/boarder friendly. We could choose trails at own level and meet at the same lift. We would go again.

Bev (Intermediate Skier) on Feb 22 2012

We stayed at the Canyons (snowboarded there for 3 days) and boarded 1 day at Park City. Great experience - easy to use the City Shuttle to drop us off right at the base (very timely shuttle, too!), new lift pass is cool, not crowded (boarded the week leading up to President's Day), lodge was NOT crowded for lunch, lots of shopping/dining at the base - overall a great experience. Our only mistake was taking Quit'n Time at the end of the day and not realizing it goes to the Town Lift and you need to take a shuttle back. Luckily a shuttle showed up a few minutes later and we were back to base camp without delay! Definitely recommend Park City!

Maureen (Intermediate Snowboarder) on Feb 17 2012

After skiing in Vermont, Maine, New York State, PA, Colorado resorts and some California resorts, Park City remains my favorite. It has the least amount of traversing to get around the mountain - you can mostly ski from one mountain "area" to the next unlike Vail where you find yourself skiing a lot of catwalks to get around. Beginners and Advanced skiers can take the same lift up and ski down their own trails to meet again. I love the King Con and SilverQueen areas - lots of cruiser slopes easy bumps. Check out the Viking Yurt off the HomeRun trail for lunch or afternoon hot drink on your way to SilverQueen or Crescent cruiser slopes. They serve a scrumptuous Tomato Coconut Curry soup with just the right amount of sweet and spicy flavors.

Connie (Advanced Skier) on Feb 08 2012

Take advantage of the Night skiing! Its included in full-day passes and is a total BLAST! You have the runs to yourself and the view of the city is incredible!

THow (Advanced Skier) on Feb 06 2012

Too many trails composed of flat area. Do not slow down or stop there. Lift line rope force you to go overshot then walking up. That is paying downhill price to do some cross-country. Need more 2nd chance trails and better signs. Good feature: Ticket use RF IC non-contact reader. Loading chair also use auto-gate.

sky773 (Advanced Skier) on Jan 24 2012

When you have used up your lift ticket you can re-charge it on-line much cheaper than buying at the ticket office. Helps if you can't get one of these deals! Great location for all types of skier. Snow has arrived. Big dump on Friday and Saturday.

Mike Parker (Intermediate Skier) on Jan 22 2012

Just enough open for 2--3 days of skiing but more is coming. Just now opening diamonds. Good deal on liftopia

Gary (Advanced Skier) on Dec 18 2011

Park City is fantastic. Not quite as much snow as the Snowbird side of Wasatch. But great town and mountain and saved big on liftopia.

MIchael (Advanced Skier) on Dec 13 2011

Park city has miles of "boring green runs" and I like going to the top of bonanza and riding homerun down. that way you can avoid the longer lift lines at the bottom of the slope, where all the other beginners seem stuck. there is also a bucket load of good intermediate trails also.

Ben (Beginner Skier) on Nov 30 2011

Saved lots of Money, check the weather before you buy, you have to use the tickets on the date you select. Get a groomed map at PCMR, 9 inches of powder was a little much to push. Local Costco sells 5 days tickets that are not consecutive days but you will pay a little more for that.

Joe (Intermediate Skier) on May 01 2011

Great Place to ski/board for all levels, no crowds. liftopia saved so much money..wonderful powder and winter playground.I'll be back..

Josee MacLaughlin (Intermediate Skier) on Apr 16 2011

Make sure you use your ticket for the day you bought it for. I thought the ticket was for a Thursday instead of a Wednesday. Paid full price at the ticket window for Wednesday and they would not honor the lifttopia ticket on Thursday after I realized my mistake. They play hardball with you. Glad the Canyons are nearby - they'll be getting my business.

Robert (Advanced Skier) on Apr 16 2011

This was the first time I have tried spring skiing, and I am hooked! Good snow, no lift lines, and discounts at lodging and restaurants. What could be better?

Linda S (Intermediate Skier) on Apr 14 2011

Ask a mountain host about the free mountain tours. My wife and I were the only people on this underused service and it was great. A guide took us to lots of places we wouldn't have found on our own. Nice trees, good steeps, etc. Stanley is the man!

Ryan (Advanced Snowboarder) on Apr 11 2011

Liftopia is the way to go to get discounted tickets. Just make sure you have your dates firm. Great jumps and half pipe areas.

Doug (Intermediate Skier) on Apr 09 2011

PCMR is great for all levels. The snow was good for so late in the season with hardly anyone else on the mountain. The staff work really hard to keep the snow at peak condition with grooming and lots of lifts and terrain to choose from. I saved almost 50% off the regular lift ticket price using Liftopia. This was my third purchase. The online purchase was super easy and picking the tickets up at the ticket window was super fast. Cheaper than a locals ticket! I'd highly recommend both PCMR and Liftopia.

Jan A. (Intermediate Skier) on Apr 07 2011

Sunny weather in April = sticky snow overall and slushy at the bottom half. We did enjoy the absence of crazy winds (unlike Mammoth Mtn for instance) but too many flats make PC boring for snowboarders - unless you hit the terrain park & half pipe of course :)

Himne (Intermediate Snowboarder) on Apr 07 2011

Park City is a great place to ski, and buying lift tickets from saved us a lot of money!

JC (Beginner Skier) on Apr 04 2011

Best site - so easy to buy online, save tons of $$$$ and dow2nload and print tickets - what's not to like?!

Bumper for Life! (Advanced Skier) on Apr 02 2011

PCMR is great for any level. Lots of terrain for all tastes. When you learn your way, you can avoid the more crowded lifts like Payday and Bonanza using instead other ones that'll take you to the same places

Nat (Intermediate Skier) on Mar 30 2011

We've made multiple trips to Colorado but this was our first to Utah and Park City. We loved Park City Mountain and Deer Valley. Liftopia was great - basically two for one. We were able to pick up tickets easily the evening prior to our first ticket so didn't waste any ski time! We'll definitely go back! Getting to the mountain is much easier than anywhere in Colorado.

Susi Davis (Advanced Skier) on Mar 21 2011

Spring skiing at Park City was wonderful. Liftopia ski pass savings was great and easy to collect at the window. I recommend the fast track for crowded days. We are planning on going back to Park City next year and possibly skiing Canyons for a day.

jtbracey (Intermediate Skier) on Mar 21 2011

Park City has the best park of any Utah resort. If you want to ride rails, hit gaps, jump, halfpipe this is the place to go. Otherwise a pretty intermediate moutain with some fun found near Jupiter. Lots of wide open groomers and some good trees.

Jon D (Advanced Skier) on Mar 21 2011

parking is a dream! park by "first time" and it's really a less than 5 minute walk for the car. the Viking Yurt was FANTASTIC- i thought it'd be cheesy with doods in plastic viking hats and carlsberg beer- nothing could be further from the actuality of that divine lil hide-away- i'm making a request for my next big bday dinner to be there! Ski-ing was fine- a little dust on crust but what does one expect for springtime? don't listen to the crybabies.

oksana (Intermediate Skier) on Mar 20 2011

Granted it was spring skiing, but I was not overly impressed with PCMR. Canyons had some better runs and less croweded overall, but neither PCMR, Canyons, or Deer Valley came anywhere close to Whistler or some of the Colorado resorts. Also, while Main Street was fine and all, there is a noticeable lack of apres-ski scene in Park City.

Almost Advanced (Intermediate Snowboarder) on Mar 18 2011

Liftopia has its own window. It is around the corner (shop side) from the ticket windows facing the payday lift. Also come at 8:50AM and you can park 10 feet from the snow and near the "First Time" lift. Short walk to Eagle Lift and over to King Con. Lifts starting getting busy around 10:30 (28FEB-4MAR11). Beginners will be happy with First Time to get used to things. Then they can ski over to PayDay Lift, then to Bonanza Lift and ski Home Run/ClaimJumper using SilverLodge lift until you feel good. Fast Tracks is worth it for Mondays and Fridays. Too bad Liftopia doesn't sell passes for 2 out of 7 days. We did 2 day fast (M-T), 3 day normal. You can only buy consecutive days(W-T-F). Also if you could pick the tickets up the day before that would be a nice feature as opposed to the day the tickets begin. We were told by locals that Deer Valley grooms almost all there runs and don't allow boarders. So we were told but no discounts so no Liftopia option.

ski_nyc (Advanced Skier) on Mar 16 2011

King Con area lightens up after 3:00 pm. Gotcha cut off is more of a green run that is slightly steeper (hence being labeled a blue) but spring season is kicking in and it can be slushy at this point in the season.

skiing since 8 (Intermediate Skier) on Mar 15 2011

Wish the snowboarders had a separate area to snowboard. My wife and granddaughter came so close to a terrible accident by a snowboarder out of control.

J Liday (Intermediate Skier) on Mar 13 2011

Loved Park City. Liftopia saved me a bundle. 4 skiers 6 days. 550bucks. with ='s one dinner out in Park City!

Teri (Intermediate Skier) on Mar 13 2011

Loved Park City and our experience with Liftopia. Saved 35% off lift tkt prices-only issue was had to go to main lift area to get tkts (stayed at silver star-would have been great to be able to get tkts there). Great snow-will definitely go back!

Stephanie (Intermediate Skier) on Mar 13 2011

I think that Park City is nice for open hill skiing but I think that The Canyons gives you a better overall experience for advanced skiers. I will be going back to Park City again soon though!

Patrick (Advanced Skier) on Mar 08 2011

The 3 day pass I purchased off of Liftopia was a great value. Recommend the Fast Track passes for the weekends as it tends to get crowded.

Kamran (Intermediate Skier) on Mar 07 2011

Do not enroll your kids in the Signature 3 program. For $165 per day, your child will get 4 short runs total for the day and the staff will be rude to you. Never again!

F Nazzal (Advanced Skier) on Mar 07 2011

We had a good day at PC. Access to advanced terrain took some doing, hike off the top of Maconkey (sp?) and a few chair rides to get back to Jupiter, but fun overall.

Tahoe Backcountry (Advanced Skier) on Mar 07 2011

Park City is a good resort and we always have fun. My only issues are: 1. The walk from the car can be a long one (wish the lifts were closer or there was a road at lift level where you could drop off). The snow was great and we had a great day!

Mark (Advanced Skier) on Mar 07 2011

Make sure you make your dinner reservations, otherwise you'll be eating at 9:30 PM, the mountain was a lot of fun and great terrain that you can hike to, the snow was great and the locals are friendly. I live in a ski town, and this is a great town that I will come back to again.

Tom (Intermediate Skier) on Mar 03 2011

Do not, under any circumstance buy a buffalo burger from No Name Bar and Grill. It was with out doubt, the worst hamburger I have had in my life.

Ryan Mammoth (Advanced Snowboarder) on Mar 03 2011

Great place for all levels of skiing. Great rentals with good prices. Enjoyed great weather and friendly service. Free water/hot water so bring your own water bottle and hot cocoa!

d (Intermediate Skier) on Mar 02 2011

I thought that your service and pricing was amazing. I did find it difficult to book tickets for more then one day. I landed up buying single day tickets instead of multi day passes. If possible make it easier to buy Multi Day passes

Dot (Advanced Skier) on Mar 01 2011

I'm deaf and expert skier from Utah. I've a deaf friends, who's coming to town. And wants to know where they can buy discount ski pass for deaf disability? Thanks!

Michael (Advanced Skier) on Mar 01 2011

Park City is one of my favorite Utah Ski Resorts. because it has just about anything anyone would want. It does have one thing that most of us could do without. HUGE weekend crowds. One way to beat the crowds at the lift lines is to break up your group into "singles" instead of doubles or triples. That way you can go through the usually very short "singles" line instead of the 20 or 30 deep regular group lift lines. Also, try not to get hungry during the typical noon to 2 PM regular lunch periods. It is very difficult to find an open table in the day lodge during those peak times.

Hawaiian Skier (Intermediate Skier) on Feb 28 2011

Skiing in Utah powder is amazing. and even better with Liftopia discount tickets! Park City is a great place to ski with the entire family. The Canyons is close by too and we highly recommend skiing there as well. Utah/SLC area is great because you can ski several different resorts without alot of travel time. buy the tickets now. you will love it.

Jackie (Intermediate Skier) on Feb 28 2011

This season is my second in Park City Mountain Resort. The location is very convenient and accessible. We did not need a rental vehicle to get around town due to the free shuttle service. Many condos are within walking distance from the lifts. The mountain provided plenty of variety of terrain, slopes and adventure. If you get in at the right timing weather-wise, you would find excellent powder and riding conditions. Food can be expensive on the slopes, so one might want to pack a light lunch or snack to save money for better food in better places. One thing about the resort is that the "First Aid Clinic" does not have much to offer in terms of first aid treatment. It is also difficult to find simple medicines in case you suddenly need it. So pack a few tabs of Ibuprofen or a tube of Bengay if you think you tend to need those during a day of riding. But, all in all, PCMR is one great place to ride; I would highly recommend everybody to visit it.

Joel (Intermediate Skier) on Feb 26 2011

skied 3 times at pcmr 2/17-2/22,great time,meatball subs were great 1 sub enough for 2 people,hit baja cantina for apres ski,great happy hour,saved about $20 off lift tickets with liftopia

rick (Intermediate Skier) on Feb 24 2011

Park City Mountain liftopia will call line was slow and low tech Compared to Canyons. Took 5-10 min to pick up the pass after locating the liftopia window whereas Canyons was immediate at any window. Still a rad mountain though

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