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Payday 2: General Weapons Guide

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Looking for some general information on Payday 2 weapons? You may find what you are after, right here. Payday 2 has a decent selection of different weapons. Shotguns, rifles and one semi-automatics (as well as saw) from your primary weapons. Pistols, SMGs and shotguns from your secondaries. We will try to discuss each of the weapons available to you (including the saw) so that you may decide what you prefer using. Each weapons has its strengths and weaknesses, so if you were hoping for “Super Guns” there are a few good guns, but nothing without some type of flaw. Looking for a general Payday 2 guide? Look no further. We also recently released this Fiction-Guide which has a lot of fluff. None of this is official information, just a bit of creative improvisation. We now also have a Payday 2 DLC Weapon Guide where we strive to write about the different weapons you can obtain through DLCs.

Payday 2: Main Weapons

Your primary weapons will do most of the talking. When it comes to mowing down large groups of cops or gangsters you will want the best rifle possible. Maybe when you will meet a bulldozer you will want to have that feeling that shotgun you hold in your hand will take it down (and not the other way around). Let’s talk about the big guns.


Your default AMCAR. Note the vintage clip that holds only 20 bullets.

The Amcar is your default starting weapon. It is good at taking out lightly armored cops and SWAT. Its strengths include low visibility and a relatively high ammo reserve. It’s default magazine will hold only 20 bullets however, so you should invest in a larger magazine (standard or tactical) or buy a better weapon. The AMCAR lacks the punch or usefulness of all the other guns. Even the next in line, the AK, is far more versatile due to its higher damage. The Car-4 is a variant of the AMCAR, superior in every way (and the second primary gun you unlock after the AK). As soon as possible you should swap your AMCAR for the Car-4. In general, the AMCAR looses a lot of its charm on difficult heists, where packing a punch will be far more important than low visibility. While the AMCAR will

find its uses on standard and hard heists it should not be your weapon of choice for an overkill heist.

The AKs might be a bit hard to tell apart. Their stocks are the key feature that helps you identify them.

The AK is the very first primary weapon you unlock. It is cheap yet powerful. As a beginner you will find it very practical against most cops, even heavily armored swat. The only exception is the bulldozer who will shrug off most of your bullets unless you aim directly at its face mask. Upgrading your AK is not a bad idea. Out of the entire AK family it is the “middle” one. It deals decent damage yet does not over do it with recoil, and still maintains o.k. accuracy. While professionals might use far more expensive and higher level guns there is no shame in using the good ol’ AK.


The Car-4 looks a lot like the AMCAR. Even further along the line you will see that the AMR-16 looks like an AMCAR, but it will be better in every way.

The Car-4 is, in many ways, an improved version of the AMCAR. If you liked using the AMCAR then the Car-4 is the thing you should buy for harder heists. With its standard magazine (30 bullets), higher accuracy and damage, while maintaining the same noise and visibility, it is a good early rifle choice. Compared to the AK it will do less damage but it can still get the job done, thanks to its accuracy.


The Default UAR. While the magazine might be white (usually denoting custom mods) this is what looks like by default.

One of your first proper guns. Powerful, accurate, but with high recoil. This gun calls for short, controlled bursts. On the other hand I had some good results firing it from the hip and hitting enemies at up to medium ranges without wasting too many bullets. Still, going full-auto will make you run out of bullets very quickly. It still has a big ammo capacity overall, and some upgrades will help you reduce recoil, increase damage and make the UAR even more accurate. Overall a good gun for close to medium ranges (perhaps even long ranges, if you fire short bursts).

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