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A Note to Parents

You are here. So how do you get to where you want to be? The Riley Baker process starts with an introduction, an in-person, no-obligation sit-down to discuss your needs, expectations and priorities; explain what we do and how we can help; and decide if working together feels right. If we're all on go, we get started building your strategic game plan.

Mapping out the route to your college career is a step-by-step process, typically beginning during your freshman year and continuing through the remainder of your high school years. Why so long? We've found that's the ideal length of time for you to make maximum progress with minimum stress. Certainly, you can count on Riley Baker for the obvious things:

  • Advising you on course curricula and extracurricular activities
  • Creating a timeline for the SAT, ACT, and SAT Subject Tests
  • Identifying extra programs and activities to help strengthen your profile

But Riley Baker specializes in digging deep into those things that aren't always so obvious.

  • We

    share proven tools, like self-assessments and personality profiles, to help you understand how you perceive and process the world around you and how that affects your attitudes and behaviors.

  • Our talent toolkit helps identify your unique skills, talents, goals, aptitudes, and values - so we can develop and showcase those strengths.

We'll collaborate with you to answer these questions, and then help you nurture your unique abilities in an extracurricular setting so your passions can really blossom. We give you checklists to help you identify your target colleges, then narrow the list to the ones that are ideal. We guide and coach you as you build your applications, brainstorm topics and compose your essays, and gather recommendations.

From planning, scheduling and evaluating campus visits to prepping for college interviews to effective ways to show "demonstrated interest," we're with you start to finish. In a sea of application packages, yours will be the one that makes the admissions staff sit up and say, "Wow! This is a student we need on our campus!"

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