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Cavity 9mm

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The Cavity 9mm is a primary weapon available in PAYDAY 2 . It was added along with the release of The Golden Grin Casino Heist DLC.



The Cavity 9mm is a compact, high damage semi-automatic rifle. In combat, its raw strength allows the player to kill many enemies with one solid body shot, and Maximum Force Responders with one headshot. It is also reasonably accurate, which helps with nailing down precise shots at long range.

The most obvious downside to using the Cavity is its semi-automatic firing mode. This cannot be changed, even by way of mods, making it ineffective in tight quarters. Its high base recoil also restricts it to firing from long range as well.



  • Highly concealable
  • High damage
  • Relatively Cheap
  • Potential for good Stability and Accuracy
  • Can kill most enemies in one headshot when modded


  • Low ammo capacity
  • Strong recoil when not modded
  • Small mod pool
  • Restricted to semi-automatic firing
  • Horrible hip-fire spread
  • High Stability builds can

    result in a dramatic concealment penalty


The Cavity's greatest strength is its concealment, which makes it a viable primary for a build using Sneaky Bastard and Low Blow skills from the Fugitive tree, even the basic versions.

Bear in mind that like a number of the stronger rifles, Silent Killer and The Professional skills will result in comparable performance between silenced and unsilenced Cavities.


Specific builds for the Cavity 9mm are heavily skill dependent, as the performance is so strongly affected by the skills mentioned above. In particular the Fugitive skills are sensitive to concealment and therefore the optimum Cavity build may depend on the player's preferred secondary weapon.

Note that in general, the Tooth Fairy Suppressor ( -5 dmg , +2 acc , -5 stb , -2 con ) underperforms compared to a combination of The Bigger The Better Suppressor and the Appalachian Foregrip (in total: -5 dmg , +1 stb ) as extra accuracy is available via skills such as Sharpshooter. payday fairy

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