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Do you have uneasy feelings about somebody and feel a need to track their smartphone usage in order to substantiate your concerns? We have various applications that allow you to turn almost any smartphone into a spy device.

Our smartphone monitoring apps easily install in seconds and require no technical skills to operate. Once the program is installed on the target mobile, you can discreetly monitor the activity of that phone. The intelligence gathered will be sent to you via SMS to your mobile, email or to a private web based data retrieval dashboard.

We currently offer two smartphone monitoring solutions: ALL-in-ONE for Symbian smartphones and mSpy for Android, iPhone and Blackberry.

Cell Phone Tracking Technology for Android, iPhone and Blackberry

Our mSpy app has been developed for today's most popular smartphones & tablets based on the Android, iPhone (jailbrake is not needed!) and Blackberry platforms. mSpy is the world's first hybrid technology that is compatible with all major smartphone operating systems. Once you have purchased the mSpy app from us, we will provide you with a web based dashboard from which you will activate and administer your monitoring activities. This dashboard will be accessible to you 24 hours a day and is protected by password.

The following features can be performed from your web account:

Real time call logs, SMS & email interceptor, GPS tracking, check all photos and videos taken by the target person, as well as tasks, calendar records, Viber, Skype, WhatsApps, iMessage, Facebook and more. Basically any activity that takes place on the target mobile can be monitored. There will be absolutely no traces of your monitoring activity on the target device. The app installation is quick and easy.

Most smartphone brands are supported including; Acer, Blackberry, Google Phones, iPhone (NO JAILBRAKE REQUIRED), iPad, LG, Philips, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and many more. For more details, please visit mSpy app page.

We are so confident about the quality of our mSpy app that we provide a 10-day Refund Guarantee!

All-in-One for Nokia /

Symbian Smartphones

Our ALL-in-ONE package is the industry's premium monitoring solution for the Nokia and other Symbian based smartphones. The All-in-ONE app installs in a matter of seconds, and requires no special skills to complete the installation.

The app is easy to use and produces irrefutable results and turns any Nokia / Symbian smartphone into a reliable monitoring device. The ALL-in-ONE does not require internet access on the target device in order to function. This means that you pay a one time fee and the software license is yours forever. No ongoing subscription fees.

Important Things to Note

We value your privacy, and in today's environment it pays to be cautious. Therefore we have developed stringent policies that help us to safeguard your privacy details in order to make sure that you are completely protected. We take measures to encrypt your personal data so that it is impossible for an unscrupulous individual to penetrate our safeguards. We will never share your personal details with anybody.

Our shopping cart system is processed through PayPal or Avantgate. These are both well respected payment processors and highly respected among consumers. All transactions are secure, and we will actually never have access to your credit card specifics. We process payments in this fashion so that your credit card statement will reflect that a payment was made to PayPal or Avantgate (without revealing the nature of your purchase). When you shop with us, you can rest assured that the payment is secure and discreet.

When you purchase from us, you are making a decision to use a product that was developed by the leader in smartphone monitoring. Our programs have been thoroughly tested and are currently being used by thousands of our customers around the world. Our apps are dependable and reliable. Now that you have visited the TSH Group website, you have found the leader in smart-phone tracking technology. You can make your purchase with the utmost confidence. If you are still not convinced, then read top reasons to buy from TSH Group .

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