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"Alright let's roll! " —Dallas when putting on a mask

Dallas. a.k.a. Nathan Steele. is a 44-year-old chain smoking American Mastermind. He wears the American flag mask during heists, and is voiced by Simon Kerr.



PAYDAY: The Heist

Dallas worked for a Chicago mob when he was young. He later climbed the ladder and went from club bouncer to hitman. He has a brilliant mind disguised behind the face of a common thug. When he was thirty he tried to turn two Chicago mobs against each other, resulting in the deaths of policemen and mobsters. A hit was placed on Dallas by the mob leaders, but he managed to survive.

While he was in hiding he ran an underground gun range. He also performed hits against drug dealers, wishing to harm the American drug trade. After ten years in hiding, he had what Bain calls a criminal's version of a: "what am I doing with my life?" kind of crisis. He then decided to steal a shipment of weapons and try to find a criminal crew.


Dallas appears to also have an official occupation while not being a criminal, where he uses the name "Nathan Steele". In the web series, he was the bank manager of

the First World Bank, which allowed the crew to rob with his inside help. In the Dentist trailer, he claims to be in "financial transfers". Whether or not this is a euphemism for his career as a bank robber or he is a real, professional financial consultant, remains to be seen. Although given he managed to attain the position of manager in a major bank, which would require him to know a lot about financing; Dallas may in-fact, be a legitimate consultant.

By the time of PAYDAY 2. Dallas was revealed to have a younger brother, who briefly took up the mantle of Hoxton  when the former heister was arrested by the police.


If this one isn’t actually the leader, he’s definitely the trusted lieutenant. Dallas is one of the original four that emerged in 2011. He appears to be the Mastermind of the gang, and his calm demeanor under fire suggests both great experience and cunning intelligence.

Security footage notes his hair is greying, possibly indicating he is one of the oldest members of the gang.

His smiling clown mask with the American pattern has become the face for the Payday gang.

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