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Gage Chivalry Pack

"Time to explore the art of ancient warfare and get medieval on some asses. "


"Study these weapons carefully, they may save your life. "



About Us

It's Time For A PAYDAY!

Welcome to the Payday Wiki!

If you have been playing PAYDAY: The Heist or PAYDAY 2 and have any questions, then this is the right place for you. We have a wide library of information pertaining both games and the Web Series by GameSpot.

What's Hot and What's Not

The Golden Grin Casino is out and heisters are all rushing to "liberate" their cash reserves and The Dentist's

mysterious loot! Meanwhile Sokol has joined the team and brought some Russian weapons with him to keep the crew one step ahead of the cops!

Things We Need To Do

As always, we might need some assistance with collecting and posting information related to recent releases :

  • The Golden Grin Casino, variants and strategies
  • Details on Sokol, his voice lines and their meaning (any Russian speakers around?)
  • Any updates regarding the secret rewards from the Completely Overkill DLC

That should probably cover pretty much what should be done for the time being. Other than that, if you would like to help us with certain tasks, check out our to-do list.

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