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"I will help secure the release of your colleague, but help has a price. Right now, the price is the elimination of this self-styled Commissar. " —The Dentist offering the heist.

A two-day job, Bain clarifies that the crew is attacking a Russian criminal dubbed "The Commissar". Firstly, players must anger him by killing his thugs and destroying his property (such as cars and a gas station) so that he will expose himself to threaten the crew - thus allowing Bain to trace his calls. Secondly the crew must locate and assassinate him.


  1. Eliminate the russian mobsters
  2. Wait for Bain to trace the Commissar's call
  3. Find some gasoline
  4. Set the cars on fire
  5. Wait for Bain to trace the Commissar's call
  6. Destroy the gas station
  7. Wait for Bain to trace the Commissar's call
  8. Wait for Bile to drop the present
  9. Search for a basement
  10. Break through the hatch
  11. Defend the pick-up and keep the engine running
  12. Get inside the basement
  13. Search for the correct adress
  14. Escape!

Optional objectives
  1. Find the meth lab and either destroy it or cook meth.
  2. Secure the loot.


Spawning in the street, the crew must first kill several mobsters located around the motel, who will flee into hotel rooms, boarding the windows behind them. Visible claymore mines spawn on numerous hotel doors, and must be avoided or detonated to prevent player damage.

One pair of rooms on the upper floor will contain a meth lab, where players must add ingredients according to the diagram on the wall; it is always muriatic acid (Mu) first, followed by caustic soda (Cs), and then hydrogen chloride (HCl). The lab can be used, blown up or ignored without affecting the outcome of the mission.

After eliminating the mobsters, the crew must destroy cars by picking up gas cans, placing them on four separate cars, and shooting the canisters to ignite them. After four cars have been ignited, one player must collect C4 from the DeLorean escape car, and detonate the four gas station pumps; as when detonating a security door, the charges are only armed when all four have been placed. Players are advised to move away from the gas station before it explodes to avoid being damaged or incapacitated.

Next, players must locate a partially concealed hatch in one of the bottom floor rooms, visible by the poorly replaced carpet; the hatch can be discovered and carpet removed at any time, but breaking the hatch only works after the gas station is destroyed. Bile will (after a short delay) drop a tow cable from his helicopter, which the crew needs to connect to a nearby pickup truck. Once connected, the truck has to be started (and must be defended for approximately 1 minute) in order to breach the hatch. With the hatch breached, players must enter the hidden bunker beneath the apartments. The bunker contains mobsters and gates (which can be drilled, sawed. or detonated ). Once inside, players must open crates, and search for the correct barcode.

The crates are placed by location (according to a large map nearby) and Bain informs the crew of the target's general region. The unusable crate contents are always the same, and are placed to match the map: Shaw will be furs. Downtown will be cigars. Foggy Bottom will be vodka. West End will be chemicals. and Georgetown will be rockets. Once the general location is acquired, players must process barcodes from that area's respective crates, defending the machine from police while it processes. Once the scan is complete and the Commissar's location has been pinpointed,

the crew is free to escape at their leisure.

  • Players should search for crowbars as early as possible in the heist - the more players with crowbars, the faster the basement section can be completed. Possible locations include the meth lab, the alley behind the motel, around each stairwell, and around the gas station.
  • Killing mobsters is an important step to keep the heist from stalling. After several minutes, the police will simply arrive and Bain will advance the objective, assuming the mobsters had run off though they may still be present in the motel.
  • Bain will tell the heisters where the Commissar is hidden almost as soon as he traces the call after the gas station explosion. Remembering this information will avoid the crew waiting for him to repeat himself once the basement is opened.
  • The recipe order of the meth is Muriatic Acid, Caustic Soda and Hydrogen Chloride.
  • The meth available during Day 1 is very valuable and can provide a significant amount of additional cash at the end of the heist. Thus, it is recommended to cook as much meth as possible and bring back a maximum of meth-loot bags.
  • It is very easy to make a mistake when cooking the meth on Day 1 which will blow up the meth lab, leaving it unusable. The best way not to get lost in the ingredients order, is to have one heister cook each bag and provide all 3 ingredients needed, and not mix ingredients between several heisters. Wait your turn if you see the meth lab is in use. Alternatively, keep an eye on the mission equipment each heister is carrying - once you see that no-one has a partial set of ingredients, you can start to cook.
    • When a meth ingredient has just been properly used, some clearly visible smoke will be emitted on top of the cooking recipient. This is an easy way to remember the order the ingredients have been placed so far.
  • As a big part of the meth ingredients comes from the bottom floor bunker, it is better to cook the meth at the end of the run, after having decoded the barcode and before escaping. At this stage, each player usually may bring one pack of 3 ingredients. On easier difficulties, it may be viable to have one or two people cook the ingredients already in the lab while the others complete the main objectives.
  • To bring back the meth bags to the DeLorean, players may use the back alley surrounding the whole motel. There are usually fewer enemies into this back alley, and it is easier to run around the motel from behind to reach the DeLorean than doing the same from the front of the motel. Players may additionally use the back windows to directly reach the back alley, often protecting them from enemy fire.
  • Take care when placing gas cans as the smoke may obscure heisters' line of sight when dealing with sniper across the street. It is also advised to check the trunks of vehicles for loot before setting them on fire.
  • Many sniper enemies may spawn during Day 1, particularly as the difficulty level increases. Take time to kill them all, as you will not be able to get to the DeLorean without coming under heavy fire. Be aware that some may spawn on top of the motel itself.
  • Civilians will often spawn at the gas station. It is advised to bring them to safety to avoid that hostages are lost.

Day 2

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