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I got a call from this number today on my home and cell. My mother and husband also got calls on their cell phones from the same number looking for me. Also, my mother got a call from another number that starts with 205. I am very bothered by the number of people they called.

When I called back I also got the voicemail telling me there are other callers. I left only the claim number they left on the message and no other information. 7 minutes later I got a call from 409-210-2345, the woman had an accent and said her name was Brittany White and said she was calling because there were "allegations" against me. She asked me to verify my address before she could tell me anything else. I told her I would not be verifying anything when I did not know what company I was talking to. She said fine they would serve me with papers using the social and address they had on file and hung up.

Funny thing is about two weeks ago I got a call from a Jack Swanson at 954-271-2742 stating that he was verifying my address and workplace in order to process their claim against me. He then stated that I had the opportunity to keep this form going any further by contacting the office at 866-270-0805 claim #, no company name or further identifying information. I ignored it. The next day I received another call from Mr. Swanson this time stating he was contacting me regarding the same claim number and he was given a request to verify my whereabouts and employment information and as I had been given the opportunity to respond and at this point had chosen not to he felt it would be in my "best interest" at this point to contact "Consolidated" to discuss my claim further.

I called the number provided and spoke with Patrick Shorts. He really did not want to provide any information about his company. I asked what the company was and he just replied Consolidated,

I asked what consolidated did and then he wanted to verify my address. I just let him rattle off the address he had and said something like Yeah sure. He then proceeded to tell me about a payday loan I supposedly took out in 2010 or 2011 (he was not very clear on the dates) and had apparently defaulted on. He actually asked me if I had intended to default when I took out the loan. I told him I did not know what he was talking about and then asked for the address of the company so I could send a verification of debt. He replied that they send me the verification not me to them. Stupid word games, obviously I meant a request for verification. He then offered to email me the verification to the email they had on file, I have not used that email in years and I am not going to accept this information email. I asked again for the address. He said he did not know it. I said something like "you don't know where you work". He stated he did not know it off the top of his head and would have to look it up. I said I would hold. When he came back on he gave me the following address:

Consolidated Collections

4802 East Ray RD

Phoenix AZ 85044

No suite number even though it should have one. I sent them a certified letter requesting verification of the debt which they received on 3/24/15. I gave them only a fax number in the letter. I have not received anything.

Now I am getting these calls from these new people all of which started with another AZ number. Suspicious at best. I don't know for certain they are related but they seem to be.

I consulted a lawyer and they said if you are going to be served with paperwork they do not call to warn you. I also have reported to the FBI in my area. I suggest everyone does the same.

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