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Congratulations on your forthcoming marriage.

%img src="" /% Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. We at the Parish of Subiaco welcome you to celebrate this day in our beautiful, historic church of St Josephs with a Nuptial Mass (with communion) or a Wedding Service (without communion).

Your choosing to have a Church wedding indicates your commitment in celebrating before God, the Church Minister and your family and friends.

Booking the Church

Before you can book the Church you must talk with our Parish Wedding Co-ordinator, Lina, who is available on Thursday from 9.30 – 5.00 on 9381 0420 or e-mail at weddings[@]

Of course you are always welcome to leave a message at any time on voicemail at the above number and she will get back to you on Thursday.

We need to ensure that this can be a valid Catholic marriage, this means that one of you must be Catholic and neither one of you has been married before, or if so an annulment has been obtained through the “Catholic Marriage Tribunal”.

Important Information: Once you have spoken with the Wedding Co-Ordinator and a date and time have been penciled in our Booking register, you will be sent out a letter and booking form which sets out fees and methods of payment. This booking will be subject to your payment of the relevant fee by the date noted in the form. Failure to do this results in your booking being automatically cancelled and passed on to others.

Six months prior to your wedding you are responsible for contacting the Priest who will perform the ceremony and setting up a meeting to fill in relevant

paperwork. Documents required at this time are full copies of both Birth Certificates and copies of Baptismal Certificates.

Three months prior to your wedding you are responsible for contacting the Parish Wedding Co-Ordinator and booking a rehearsal time which is held the week of your wedding. An appropriate offering for the priests services can be made at the rehearsal.

One month prior to your wedding you are responsible for presenting your prepared Order of Service to our Wedding Co-Ordinator if our Parish Priest is marrying you or your own Priest may direct you on this matter.Details to help you prepare this are further on.

Pre Marriage Course

The Archdiocese of Perth strongly encourages all intending couples to partake of these courses. The ideal time is as soon as a couple signified their intention to marry.

Information regarding these courses can be obtained by contacting Catholic Marriage and Fertility Services at This is an excellent investment in a relationship which will be lifelong.

Preparing the Church Wedding Service

%img src="" /% Before beginning to prepare you must decide whether you wish to have a Nuptial Mass or a Wedding Service.

The following text is available on-line and may be useful: When we Marry:  very detailed guide to organizing your day. It covers the readings, hymns, vows, prayers; what is possible in a Catholic wedding and what is not.

Our Wedding Co-Ordinator also has some copies of previous weddings conducted in St Josephs and you are welcome to borrow these.

Gatto Christian Shop also carries a text called Together for Life which may be helpful, their phone number is 9345 5700.

Order of Service consist of the following parts:

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