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Beware debt collection phone scams!

The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers to be aware of scam debt collectors operating into south Louisiana.

The BBB has recently received several calls from concerned residents concerning at least two variations of this type of scam over the last two weeks.

The first scam involves scammers calling consumers and informing them they would be arrested by local law enforcement in the immediate future if they did not immediately remit payment for a payday loan they took out months or even years prior.

In most cases, residents have never even taken out these loans, but the BBB has received reports of people paying hundreds of dollars to avoid the possibility of arrest.

These callers are also persistent and violate state and federal phone collection laws by calling at all hours of the day and night to home, cell and work numbers.

Scammers do this in order to either annoy residents at home or embarrass innocent employees at their work place in order to pressure them into paying in order to stop the harassment and threat of possible job loss.

A second, newer version of this scam involves scammers having consumers divulge personal information in order to trap them in a phishing scam.

The scammers call and/or leave a message informing the resident that they are a collection agency trying to collect a debt.

When the call is returned, they are instructed to enter a Social Security number into an automated system in order to continue the process and speak to a live representative, leaving the consumer a victim of identity theft.

After the number is entered, the scammers then try to talk the consumer into making an immediate payment using bank account or credit card information, opening up the likely possibility of immediate financial loss through theft.

The BBB offers the following tips to avoid being taken by a debt collection scam:

• Ask the debt collector to provide official documentation which substantiates the debt.

• Do not provide or confirm any bank account, credit card or other personal information over the phone until you have confirmed the legitimacy of the call.

• File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission online if the caller is abusive, uses threats or otherwise violates federal telemarketing laws.

• Confirm any debt a debt collector claims you owe money. Be sure there is an outstanding balance and try to pay the business you owe directly before dealing with a debt collection agency.

• Start With Trust. Check out businesses in the U.S. and Canada at

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Posted by Sharane Gott on March 1, 2013.

162 Responses

I have been getting calls non stop on my cellular phone from 347-559-1814 I’ve even received calls at my place of business. A man with a very prominent Indian accent identifying himself sometimes as “John Martin” or Paul White” claiming at times to be of either “the law enforcement” or “State attorneys office” advising that he will file charges against me for default on payday loans I’ve never applied for or received. That I have to pay him 1400.00 immediately or I will go to jail. I have advised this person to stop calling me as my number is on the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY LIST. I have reported the number to the FCC.

As always the BBB does a great job with helping consumers around the country. As a CEO of a debt relief company, I have some helpful information to contribute to this topic. We recently made a summary of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. These summaries could protect you from debt collectors and scams, or at the least educate you on this matter.

Rth group from 866-635-8862 has called and threatened me if I didn’t pay. I owe the debt but I am not so sure rth is legit. They won’t provide an address and I’ve asked for a debt validation letter and I haven’t gotten one. The guys name was Derrick Andrews and the thug courier that called was Bryan mankenna or menkenna.

Hi recently fell victim to one of these Payday loan collection scam and just want to put this information out there for everyone to hopefully use and keep from falling victim to these types of scams. First of all the calls started a few weeks ago from two different phone numbers first one is (920) 644-0786 and second is (951) 223-6693.

The called stated that his name is Mark Wallace with a heavy Indian accent and that he is and attorney representing a Payday loan company and that I need to call him back immediately. I then called him back only to be connected to another individual going by the name of Jason Dean also with the same accent. He advised that he was representing a Payday loan company by the name of American Cash. I told him that I have never done business with that company, he started that it is the parent company of over 700 loan companies and started reading al list until I finally recognized one.

He stated that I needed to immediately pay $498.62 with two hours or he was prepared to file criminal charges with the Texas AG office and have me arrested by tomorrow.

I am proud to say I have never been in trouble with the law so was not sure of how long it takes to issues warrants, but I could not take a chance so I talked him down to $150.00 and he said he would take that and work with me on the balance.

He then told me to go to the local Wal-Mart and purchase a Greendot Money Pass and call him with the number on the back of the card. (Unfortunately I got stupid and did just this), when I called him and gave him the number he said he would email me the confirmation and future payment plans and he gave me my email address.

I did finally call both the Payday loan company and the Texas AG office and both told me that to their knowledge there is no AG in the country that with issue warrants let alone talk about filings charges for default payday loans.

So please do not fall victim to this and please make calls before paying a penny.


By the way he also called my employer and told them of the situation and embarrassed me with them……

I’ve never taken a payday loan or written a bad check in my life and I am now getting calls from 706-621-5679 and 207-274-2131 stating I owe and money and they are pressing charges. These people are very sneaky and nothing but liars.

First, people need to understand that debts are a civil matter not a criminal matter. A bank cannot file criminal charges over a debt and they cannot make claims that somebody is going to arrest you over a debt in two hours.

Second, request a proof of debt. If they make excuses why they can’t provide one to you or flat out refuse. Tell them that you’re referring the matter to your attorney and all further communication can be made through him or her.

That will usually stop the scam artists in their tracks and they will move on to easier prey.

Also beware of phone scams saying your credit card is past due, they seem to know that I have a particular card with USAA and give options for payment using an automated message. The number associated with the scam is 888 556 4554

Same thing as everyone else. Verbally abusive and when i told them to take me to court the lady said Im dead meat and hung up on me. Lol whatever. Get a real job you idiots.

Yeah… They called & left a threating lengthy phone call on our house phone. This is how it went….word for word:

This message is for BLA BLA BLA! My name is PRESTON WILKERSOFT contact me today in regards to a summons & com[laint order that needs your immediate attention, this is my final attempt to trying to serve you these documents directly. That failed to comply could result in paperwork being served to your residence or place of employment. At this point it is required that you or your attorney may contact the plaintiffs office to provide a statement. Contact is 855-677-1119 case # 1408803 any further neglect over this case will force your suit to be filed for legal action. Again any questions or concerns …direct those to the legal department. This is your official notice! I’ll see you shortly….

He wanted $900.00 but was willing to settle for $100.00 right now. today. Told him that we can’t give them anything today. He started threating us saying that he was going to send 2 law inforcement officers & the summons sever at our door. we told him that (my boyfriend) just had a open heart surgery & that we ont be able to pay till the end of Dec. the guy insisted that we make a payment TODAY or he was going to start gthe suit…. my boyfriend handed me the phone & I listened for 2 second & hung up on the guy. haaaaaaaaaa…. i got the last word. ( so to speak)

Good for you.

In my case I just laughed at the guy on the other side & hung up. They HATE IT when they’re in the middle od a sentence & you hav ethe nerve to hang up on them. Haaaaaaaaa.

Had a guy call m e & say to go to the local Wal-Mart & get a card & call him back with the number info on the card. Told him okay I’m on my way out ina few minutes but never did that & he never called me back….

You might want to tell him your gonna do this & maybe it might stop. This is all I have to offer up.

WOW. Thanks…that was very helpful & enlightening! I never realised that companies can NOT sue you for debts & that it was a civil matter NOT a criminal matter.

Just hang up on them …. They hate that!

It’s USELESS, time consuming & frustrating to try to reason or argue with THEM. …. They’re REALLY REALLY good at what they do. & not only that…. they throughly ENJOY their job tremendusly!

They SO enjoy making that next phone call, antisipating getting you all unnerved & upset but, BEST yet hoping beyond all hope that you’ll fall for their well written, well rehearsed legal mumbo jombo jargon.

They probably wake up in the morning, sing on the way out the door, in their car all the way to work, just waiting to get on that phone to harass their next VICTIM. Cause in reality that’s all we are to THEM.

Just another 8 to 8 work day at work, another phone number, another & they’ll do till dooms day if you let them. DON’T!!

It’s their job 8 am to 8 pm Monday through Fridays & do this day in day out & happily get into doing their (cause I’m a lady I’m not gonna say what I really want to say)

1) Say your gonna pay them but DON”T. (play along with them)

2) Laugh & hang up (cause they hate that)

3) Dare them to send the police to arrest you in 2 hours… & see how they lied & laugh

4) BUT best thing to do is NOT get unnerved & just hang up.

The company is call URG collections. Agent Clark keeps calling threatening to come to my house and arrest me in front of my kids. And she is leaving messages with family and friends.

There is a new scam in town folks. 1-888-319-3807 aka united

These people are really funny. Also they have a guy that calls over and over again ” Indian guy aka locator ” who says you have official been notified lol. Like its suppose to be scary. He coming to my house he say’s to serve me papers. I really want someone to come. I really do. But they think they are so clever and smart.

So they started off by calling my sister a ton of times left her a ” claim number ” I called back they tried to get me to confirm my personal information. ” DON’T ” I spoke with 3 people who all got mad yelled at me and hung up because I would not confirm my personal info. Then about 10 min ago I called back and spoke to the person ” April ” that is over my “Claim ”

I told her since this is a law matter I would like to allow my lawyer to handle it. She then started to tell me how bad that would be. It cost so much money for lawyers I should just pay them for the small amount of money I owe I told her I would not give out my personal information they needed to send the information via mail. She then tells me lol they can’t do that. The only information they can send out would be the fraud law suite papers. Also she told me they are not debt collectors but yet they are trying to collect a debit? Over all these people might be trying to collect old debit they buy. But they are using lies,scams and games to try and get people to pay. They are trying to scare people into paying old debt faster I guess. Making them an official scam artist in my book. UNITED is their name. I have never heard of a debit collection company that won’t give out an address or website. Also they claim they don’t work for the check loan company but they are handling the lawsuit the Check LOAN COMPANY is filing with me.

I have my lawyer handling them and I reported them. My lawyer was like what? Fraud charges? He was so confused he told me not to pick the phone up any more.

Got a call from a guy saying he was gonna serve me papers if I didn’t call the 8553009509 number. When I call they said I owed check n cash and they need me to pay it or I will get sued and get fraud they almost got me till I googled the number and so I call them back telling them they are a scam the lady got mad at me saying I need to pay her and when I said no she hung up so I call back again the same lady answer but differnt name I told her again she was full of s*#t. I had my husband also call and he told them they were a scam also you can just tell by the way they talk after they are not legit they act all professional first to fool you but once you call them out on being a scam they talk back and even hang up on you so we kept calling bugging them it was funny they got so mad it was the same people answering they would just change their names then they blocked our number from calling them lol so yes these ppl are a scam DO NOT PAY ANY MONEY TO THEM!

There saying I’m gonna get served and charged filed if I didn’t pay 375.00 otherwise I would have to pay 2500.00 and have a fraud charge. They knew about this screwed up loan company that I have felt with. They charge like 400 percent interest but any loan I’ve ever had has been paid. That’s why I don’t deal with them anymore they are scam artist and the can kiss my ass. They can serve me and I will hire a lawyer and sue there ass.

Hello – I have also recieved these phone calls and now today recieved the email I pasted below. I have 1 credit card with a 300 balance. I did not reply back:

Dear Customer,

We still have no response from our statements of the past three months nor from the letters that we sent you regarding your credit card debt.

Your entire account is now seriously past due: It is obvious that our efforts to clear the account on a mutually agreeable basis have had no impact. Unless we receive payment from you within seven days, or can work out a mutually agreeable arrangement to discharge this obligation, we will have to report the matter to the retail credit bureau.

Subsequently, the account will be turned over for further legal actions against you. Since this is a costly procedure for both of us, and will cause serious damage to your credit rating, we would suggest that you respond immediately so that we can clear the matter at once without resorting to such procedures.

Again for your information the total balance on your credit card is $8,756.00, this is the last email to you as we will not be responsible for any further damage on your credit score.

Thank You

Anderson Law Group

hi, my aunt has been getting calls from a debt collector about me. she has told them to stop but they wont. i do not remember doing what they told me i did. I called them back and talked to them and, right offhand he mentioned about payment. he said i took out a $887 loan. and with interest and fees, it was up to $5,569. When he started talking about that, he said we could settle for $887 which was what i had originally “borrowed”. Then, when i told him i had no money, and no job, ( i am a stay at home mom) then he sounded frustrated. He then told me i could settle for $100 down now, then pay a remaining $300 something within the rest of the month. first off he told me it was in 2007 when this happend, then when i asked him again, he said 2008. i called him out on it, and he got rude and snippy with me. and at the end of the convorsation he said that if i didnt pay by fri, he would go ahead with the court papers. they just called my aunt again, and this time it was the attorneys office. or so they say. i dont know if its a scam, but i called the better business bureau and they said it was a scam. they also couldnt tell me what company i had the loan with or what state, cause they didnt have that info. any comments on this? or help?

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