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Payday loans are often referred to as fast cash loans. They are one of the fastest methods of borrowing funds that range from $100 to $600 though this amount depends on our lender. These kind of loans come in handy when one has to deal with emergency situations –that is something that can affect anybody and anytime. Emergencies come in different forms but without urgent cash, one may be subjected to excess stress. It is not easy to raise funds from other sources in such short notice. The pay day loans come to the rescue, with our providers providing cash to those eligible within one to twenty four hours.

These loans are intended to help you to the next pay day and hence there are short term kinds of loans. Usually, the term of the loan is approximately two weeks to thirty one days. Therefore, you must ensure that you are able to pay back the money at the time required, In Australia, one must have a source of income in order to qualify for a payday loan.

Features of the payday loans in Australia

• Short duration loans

• Two to thirty one days

• Income required is low

• Few credit checks

• Approval is done instantly

• Cash is credited to your bank account within one business day

People with bad credit

Payday loans reach out to everybody including those with poor credit scores. Typically, those with bad credit scores find it challenging to find other forms of credit. However, credit checks are rarely done with our loans and therefore even when having bad credit one can still apply.

Where to get a payday loan

The application process can be done online by filling out our short application. Below are some of the general rules applicable while applying for a payday loans:

• Be eighteen years of age and above

• An Australian citizen

• Must be employed

• Must have a bank account

The minimum amount of regular income that one must exhibit is rather low. This amount varies and can be up to $400 each week after tax, depending on our lender.

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