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In today’s society of instant gratification it is easy to see why payday loans are becoming more popular by the minute. Payday loans allow individuals to receive money fast through a hassle free process that, in most cases, does not require a credit check. However, what many people are not aware of are the high penalties and fees that accompany a payday loan that is not paid back on time. If a payday loan is not paid back on time the debtor could even face consequences like wage garnishment. Sometimes those penalties can accrue so quickly that it may seem like there is nowhere to turn, but don’t worry – there are options to help you get rid of payday loan debt.

Deciding to file bankruptcy is a huge decision, and once you have taken the plunge you must decide which Chapter you should file.

Terms: We do not charge upfront fees and

you only pay our fee after 1) we have arranged a settlement, 2) you approve the settlement and 3) at least one payment is made towards the settlement. Individual results in a debt settlement program may vary, are not guaranteed and are dependent on factors such as successful completion of program, creditor cooperation, and customers' ability to save funds. Read and understand all contract terms and program disclosures before enrolling. Not all customers successfully complete the debt settlement program and failure to complete the program can leave customers in a worse position than when they started.

DeDebt, is a debt settlement company. We are not a credit repair or consumer credit counseling company. DeDebt does not provide investment, tax or legal advice, nor do we provide services repairing, modifying, improving, or correcting credit entries or credit reporting. DeDebt does not assume or pay any debts, receive, hold or control funds belonging to consumers.

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